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  1. Thank you very much, I will try this path too. I have been watching some tutorials about the alembic exporter but I am not sure that it works on face expressions in an accurate way....
  2. Hello Vertex helix and thank you for your message. Well, the Fbx export plugin doesn't exist anymore. If you go in the documentation you can see that the link is expired and there is nothing related to any FBX plugin or release on DAZ platform at the moment. Everything is included in the software package. I already keyframed every change. I actually get the complete list of the morph, expression and pose in C4D, I got the animation but the Character is reacting differently, it get smashed and horribly deformed by those morphs. So I don't think is a keying problem. I think it is something different. I know that to export FBX you need also to setup the head.CTRL and add also head.DHM in Fbx setting. I did it already and it is still generating monsters. I really don't understand the last 2 points in your message. I am very curious still to understand how to export an animation into C4D, but thank you for your message :)
  3. Hello everybody, I am trying to find a solution that works to import a DAZ 3D Genesis 8 animated character (poses and morphs) into C4D R19. I already tried to import in different formats like fbx and collada without success. Importing a Genesis 8 without animation is pretty easy and everything is working perfectly. The problem is when the characters are animated. It happen also with G3 characters. Once in C4D the characters are completely deformed and some parts are out of the skeleton The face morphs are deforming completely the shape. I can see that all the morphs and pose are imported but it's like they are completely freaking out the character and there is no way to fix it. I have been following many threads and tutorial but I am still stock. I was thinking about buying the Alembic exporter from Daz but if I have to be honest I am pretty scared. I already bought a lot of stuff on Daz but the assistance on exporting process is not guaranteed. Plus I can't really find anything that proves that the Alembic exporter workflow is working perfectly on morph and poses. Any suggestions? Thanks S.
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