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  1. @Visionnext, in January I travel to Austria, your country. It's easier to go from Paris to Vienna for a human being than for a little 3D figure to move from Daz Studio to C4D What we need is a Schengen Treaty for our 3D world, ah ah ah !
  2. Thank you very much for your advices. Adjusting textures is not a problem if this is done once and for all. What is an acute issue though is having to apply the textures manually onto each individual group and repeating all over again for the next figure. With 4 figures in the scene, it amounts to 68 applications ! Hardly workable... So the script is necessary. Is it available somewhere or do I have to code it myself ? In the meantime I reconsider buying such an expensive product however great it is. I will buy it only if I set up a smooth workflow from Daz Studio to C4D.
  3. Bonjour / Hi Everyone: I am testing a smooth workflow from Daz Studio to C4D considering buying the software (R20). Could someone help me on the following points ? I'm importing into C4D figures posed in Daz Studio via .obj files. In the DAZ STudio Export dialog, I check Write Groups and Write Surfaces. In the C4D Open/Merge dialog I check Import .MTL files and set Scale at 1 meter. The figure comes in nicely but with no textures applied. Textures are loaded and are correctly assigned each element that comprise each group as defined within Daz Studio. Still, it seems I have to apply each texture manually to the relevant group (there are 17 in total). I then save the textures as a preset for future use (Create/Save All Materials as...). Now, if I import another figure with identical group names, is it possible to apply the textures all in once ? Is there a way to apply the textures in one click ? Thank you !
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