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  1. Cineversity.com does have some free tutorials tucked in with the locked videos. Does anyone have experience or knowledge of how to determine which tutorials are free without login? Many videos are locked and the random clicking is growing tiresome. I tried looking for an FAQ on Cineversity and also looked around for a menu or filter that would list only the free videos, but with no luck. Maybe I'm missing something simple here. For the past few months I have been just randomly clicking on links to see if I get lucky. FYI, I'm not referring to the free-period just recently where MAXON gave 30 days free for Covid.
  2. Personally, I intend to avoid C4D subscription as long as possible and at all cost. Fingers crossed MAXON will continue to sell perpetual upgrades for a few more versions and I can jump off with my perpetual hopefully on something like R24 before the sub dives under the water. I also imagine droves of C4D perpetual users will be purchasing that final perpetual upgrade like mad. I could foresee myself far into the future subscribing for a year if I landed a large project and could pass on the cost of the annual sub to the client. For small bread and butter projects, in a subscription only world, the final perpetual license version I land on in the upcoming musical chairs scramble would have to suffice. I fully support MAXON and their efforts, I wish them maximum success so we can enjoy future Cinema4D updates as the company thrives, I do however question how I can involve myself in their future growth based on my own purchasing power. People rambling about migrating to Blender should remember that C4D users invest thousands of hours and years learning the nuances of C4D. It takes a long time to learn a new 3D program, it is akin to learning a new language. I have ZERO interest in learning a new 3D program like Blender, after hanging on the C4D learning curve cross for many years. The time invested learning C4D is itself an investment, and as such jumping over to Blender would cost in many ways.
  3. EJ has mentioned this on YouTube, so it appears R22 is coming
  4. I so hope you are right and we have R22. I think many people are nervous after Adobe went subscription only and not to mention the sub prices on other comparable 3D packages, which can be absolutely insane. Just a whiff of the idea of being held hostage by subscription gets my attention these days.
  5. This is extremely well worded and precisely my thoughts as well. David Davis
  6. EXACTLY! This has had me scratching my head as well. For those who just paid retail for, say R21, the retail price could be roughly 3500.00 USD. This is serious money obviously. So just a couple of years after their purchase one has to get on a subscription path which translates into always paying, never achieving a flat rate price upgrade. Let me be clear that I fully support MAXON and Cinema 4D and appreciate the small market they serve and realize they need revenue to continue to develop and evolve their product, but I am left questioning what exactly is happening here. I absolutely welcome someone to set me straight here, what am I missing? From my POV all I see is my recent purchase of several thousand bucks just translating now into an endless subscription fee. I hope we get more feedback from C4D users, the community, I want to know what people think of this.
  7. Hi all, What do C4D users think of MAXON's subscription-only upgrade path now that S22 is out? When I purchased R20 via Toolfarm, my receipt specifically stated I would have access to Cinversity, could not get logged in, then I contacted MAXON and was told I had no access as its now only sub access. I also wonder about the impression of someone buying R20 with "perpetual license" upgrade path in their head. At that time I bought R20 assuming it meant I could upgrade with the same flat fee purchase mechanism. In my opinion, switching to subscription only upgrade is a bit of a "gotcha". I get this is all gray area stuff, simply curious what others think here on the new upgrade path for C4D users who purchased R20 and prior versions for retail price.
  8. Thanks for this tip, I did not know about this. I might have solved the issue. I suspected perhaps one of the panels, maybe a view port or the like, was causing the lag. In my three-monitor custom C4D layout, I closed one panel at a time clicking buttons and testing the navigation between each closure, to see if closing a panel sped things up. Much to my surprise this troubleshooting worked! When I closed (the undocked) Redshift Asset Manager panel, everything went back to fluid, normal speed. I closed the file and repeated the test, each time having RS asset manager open made the interaction of C4D lag, and closing the panel put speed back to normal. Not sure if this is simply an issue on my machine alone, but certainly worth noting and posting for future troubleshooting reference here.
  9. Hello, Thanks in advance to any suggestions here. I'm running C4D R20 across three Dell Ultra LED monitors at 2550x1450 (all same model) with the latest Nvidia drivers on Windows 10 Pro with latest updates. This is stable system everything works fine. I began noticing on larger scene files C4D is laggy with the interface. Navigating, such as zoom, scroll pan, was lagging with around a 1 second delay between being able to switch from zoom, to pan. The same interface lag with turning objects on or off or selecting objects in the object panel, a split second lag between being able to click items or buttons. I spent several head banging days troubleshooting and talking with my other team members who have C4D. Then I stumbled across the idea to set the C4D layout back to standard. This puts all the menus and panels back to the center monitor, to one monitor and the lag disappeared. Problem solved. Has anyone else with multiple monitors experienced this lag? I tried looking on forums for others with this multiple monitor lag issue. I would like to use C4D across multiple monitors and I would be surprised if C4D was not capable of running across multiple monitors smoothly. Thanks David Windows 10 Pro HP Z820 dual Xeon V2 2667 - 16 cores 4.0Ghz 256 GB DDR3 memory 3X 1080Ti GPU SSD start up drive SSD Cache drive several storage HD at 7200 RPM 3X Dell UltraSharp 2K monitor
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