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  1. Ugh thank you! Yes that was the problem.
  2. Oh, and no I haven't played with the heirarchy. Though this is only my second time using the character tool rather than just building a rig from joints, so I could have broken something inadvertently
  3. Thanks for the reply! I just tried it in R23 and I'm having the same problem. I'll try and see if the humanoid works next. Here's the scene file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i026xlwdr0p9mm6/Crested 047.c4d?dl=0
  4. Hi all, I can't seem to move the individual components of the character builder limbs in object:adjust mode. I can position the entire limb just fine, but if I try to move the hip or calf joints independently, it doesn't even show me rotation or position controls. Video attached. I'm using Cinema 4D S22.123 on a Windows 10 machine, and I'm pretty sure I've had no issue with this in the past on my old Mac running R17. Apologies if I'm overlooking something obvious! Character_Builder_Problem_1.mp4
  5. Thank you Dan! I ended up making the multiple skins everfresh described, since I wanted some pieces to fly off a bit more than others, like they were loosely attached. It didn't slow things down too much.
  6. Ah okay wonderful, that helps! Thanks!
  7. Here's a link to the file if it helps: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vhjgv6imjv2qdjo/Woman 161.c4d?dl=0
  8. Hey folks! I've rigged up and animated a character that I'd like to add some springiness and delay to, but I'm not sure where to stick the jiggle deformer (if that's the best method to use). She's composed of separate floating pieces, and I'd like for them to have a bit of delay when she moves quickly, as though the little balls are very loosely held. I've gotten the effect before on non-character objects by using a jiggle deformer that has no structural influence, so that the object stays solid but bobbles around its position, but it doesn't seem to work here where the skin is ou


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