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  1. mikoian

    Haze around asteroid

    I tried an Omni light inside the asteroid (which I setup to not interact with the object and made it light visible), the I added a noise (soft turbulence), then I played with the radius (inner and outer radius), color of the haze, falloff and other small settings there. And the result is below. It is visible mostly when the source of light is behind the asteroid, not so much when the view is from the front. The only minor problem I see is that if you look carefully you can see the circle of the light (the outer radius). I will try the glow in Cinema 4D and see how it looks...
  2. I have an asteroid I created in Cinema 4D R19 (an animation). I want to add a bit of haze/dust around it (close to the surface) so it won't look so clean but I am not sure how to do it in either Cinema 4D or After Effects. I rendered the sequence as TIFF files to be imported in AE (but I suppose AE also can work with C4D files directly - which way do you recommend?). The haze should be subtle enough so it won't scream into your eyes but also strong enough to be seen (especially when close up). Any ideas/tutorials?
  3. Yep, I figured out how to align the cloner to the circle without Align to Spline tag. So now it works...but, it doesn't show the long streakes for each particle. I put Sweep under the clone too but it seems it doesn't have any effect. PS Actually, I just added the emitters into the Trace Link from the tracer and now it seems all of them are working.
  4. After making it editable the clones disappeared from the circle, only the original remains visible. And only the original still emitting. I see a bunch of emitter clones under clones now as individual entities, but I don't see them in the viewport and they don't emit anything. See the image below...image 1 the cloner is not editable, image 2 the cloner is editable.
  5. I did clone it and aligned to a circle...but only the original emitter emits particles...the clones are not.
  6. @natevplas I tried your example...the thing i have observed is that the particles intersect with my space ship, like bullets going through it. That's probably because the particles are shot from the center of the emitter. How do I make the particles to be shot from a circle (the margin of the circle), for example, so the center remains free of particles?
  7. Thank you, I'll take a look at yours too. I tried already something with the emitter, parallel spot lights attached to the particles, and some settings for both the particles and lights (and I added hair as material for the tracer, but I didn't use Sweep) and it looks ok for now. I will look at your project too.
  8. I have looked on Youtube and Google for tutorials and I can find plenty in After Effects. But nothing in Cinema 4D. See the image below. I want to move through space in a spaceship but also move the camera around, to see around me...so when I am looking on the side I should be seeing only those stars streaks and not the stars which are in front of the ship (and move slower). And when I look behind I should see those star streaks behind the spaceship but also the stars without much streaks (because they are moving slower than those on the side of me - just like I see when looking in front). Thank you.