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  1. Thank you. I did it with Motion Clip.
  2. Also, my character is already rigged...and I see that to use CMotion you have to use Character first (from C4D) and rig it before adding CMotion. Can I use CMotion on an already made rig (which was not made with Character)?
  3. I tried doing that...by adding a motion clip to the animation (it wasn't motion clipped) and then create a Pivot object. I animated the pivot object but the model doesn't move forward. Still is walking in place...what I am doing wrong?
  4. I have this bird (ancient bird) which is set to fly. I has a fly cycle of 55 frames which I wanted it prolonged to 400 frames. I did that by going to the Timeline (Dope Sheet) from Window menu, select the object under Summary and then, in the main window on the right side in Properties, select Before=Off and After=Repeat (and Repetitions=10). So, I made the animation repeat itself 10 times...but I have a slight problem. If you play the file attached after each cycle you see a slight hiccup (a small stop of the wings). And I don't know how to make it seamless. Can you help? Here is the C4D file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5p0ox79k3t5hpa3/pterodactyl-fly.c4d?dl=0
  5. Yeah, I have done that thing with the spline and eventually I would have to adjust so the character won't be skidding anymore. But I wondered how can I convert walk in place to walk in line of the animation I already have without using spline.
  6. I have this animated model I purchased from somewhere (it is rigged). It's a dinosaur walking. But it is walking in place and I want to make it walk in line for several seconds. How do I do that? (as a workaround I made it walk on a spline, but it seems there is a bit of sliding there, that's why I want to have it walk in line without a spline to help) I looked for some tutorials on the net but couldn't find so far. It seems it wasn't animated using Character and CMotion from C4D (although the file is C4D). See the attached file https://www.dropbox.com/s/twf731uqshbtxcx/walk.c4d?dl=0
  7. That's the problem, that I tried and it seems it doesn't work. Like the shadow pass is not the same as that shadow left on the ground by the model. Did you try it?
  8. I have an OpenEXR file where I saved multipasses: Atmosphere, Atmosphere (Multiply), Refraction, Ambient Occlusion, Ambient, Shadow, Diffuse, Background, Alpha, Object Buffer., RGBA. Now, for the object (which is a dinosaur) shadow I used a Shadow Catcher material applied to a plane and I saved as Multipass. I checked Straight Alpha as well. My issue after bringing this in After Effects is how to edit the object's ground shadow? (I don't mean the Shadow pass, which seem to be different than the object's ground shadow). See the image attached. I want to make that shadow not to have so hard edges, I want to make it soft. I am using the physical render so I can't use the Shadow Maps (Soft) in C4D for the Light I am using (that works only with using the standard renderer). I had to use Raytraced or Area shadow, which both produces hard edges. PS. In After Effects, after importing the EXR file, you can extract the multipasses by selecting the file, going to File->Create ProEXR Layer Comp (or you can use the Extractor effect - but it's more tedious). I don't see which one of those multipasses controls that ground shadow. Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/75ru5k4f7a9vynm/2_0043.exr?dl=0
  9. I am basically repeating every step from this tutorial ...yet when I look at the Alpha channel of the render I don't see the shadow! The light is setup as Omni with Shadow Maps (Soft)....but if I setup the shadow , in the Light, as Raytraced or Area then I see the shadow...yet MAXON doesn't say anything about having to set up the Lights in a particular manner. What is wrong here?
  10. In the end I solved it by NOT using the camera mapping for those planes and sidewalks but using only a shadow catcher material (thus those planes would only catch the shadow and would be invisible - so the footage below would show up - and would look like part of the scene). I also looked at that video you gave me, Igor, especially from minute 6.25 and that could be another way I can try. Thank you for your help! @noseman thank you to you too!
  11. Viceversa...I need the plane to move as the camera moves...because that is the tracked camera. The sidewalks should follow the camera movement too. Basically, the plane and the sidewalks should look like being a part of the scene.
  12. The only materials there are "Mat" (which is the camera mapping), "Shadow.Catcher" (which is a simple shadow catcher material), and "C0001_00000" which is used for Background object and it is the same as "Mat"). I thought you downloaded the zip file from G Drive which contains the image sequence used for "Mat" and "C0001_00000". To save it as project with Assets means to upload again all that image sequence (over 1 GB).
  13. I just did, it didn't work. Have you tried?
  14. It didn't work...after reading your comment I said it was so simple but I didn't test yet...After testing it seemed it didn't work. See the video. road.mp4
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