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  1. In Cinema 4D I tracked some footage (image sequence). Then I added some objects (a plane which represent a part of a street from the footage, I texturized with the street's image), then added a lightning, a Voronoi Fracture of that plane, an explosion (with TurbulenceFD). All good and dandy...I imported the footage in After Effects, then imported the C4D export files over it (OpenEXR files). I composed them and the imported OpenEXR files were set to Screen ads blending mode. Both footages are set to 24 frames per second, sRGB color mode, 16 bits. Yet, the footage exported from C4D looks different (brighter) than the original (from which the texture was taken and applied to the C4D objects). See the image attached. Why it is different? What blend mode should I use (if that is the cause)? (I have tried basically all of them and none produces the results I want) Do I have to color correct? (I mean, the difference is quite big) What should I do? Thanks.
  2. I don't know what to say :) ...if you check also Other would that work?
  3. See the scene I uploaded. I motion tracked that footage (image sequence): https://www.dropbox.com/s/1l0i4wmt2czolzh/light.zip?dl=0 There is a rectangle in the scene on the street (named Street) which has a material applied on it. In the Luminance channel there is a texture from the first image of the image sequence I tracked (from the folder Image). If you scroll through the scene you will see that that texture is moving as the camera moves...but I want to stay fixed so it blends seamlessly with the image sequence. How do I do that? UPDATE I found out from this video: (make the object on which you put the texture editable, go to the frame you want to stick, then right click on the texture tag and select Generate UVW Coordinates)
  4. I found out why I couldn't see those tracks...because the setting Other wasn't turned on in Filter (in viewport). Damn....
  5. Finally, I found out why it was not working :) ...I had to check the Filter->Environment setting in my viewport to make it work. I can't believe this is little known...
  6. The problem is that I DON"T SEE any tracks....even after trying at 33%...I attached an example from that Youtube video to see what I mean. If I cannot see those then I don't know what to do. Is there a setting which hides them??
  7. I am trying to track a video in auto-track mode (2D). But I see no tracks (dots) after it says it tracked so I can't continue with 3D solver. If I get out of the camera I see no track cloud, like I have seen in this tutorial from MAXON (and other tutorials): Nothing works today it seems...I have R19...here is the file and the video, if you want to try: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cj324wck21gby6h/track.zip?dl=0
  8. Also, in Motion Tracker you have the option to create a Background Object. I did and it looked exactly like the Background Object I created without Motion Tracker! Now, when select that Background object the video appears in the viewport, although on the whole screen, not in the aspect ratio the video is (vertical, 1080/1920). If I select the Motion Tracker then the video disappears...if I select the camera inside Motion Tracker the video appears....what the hell, MAXON?? I've seen examples where the video appeared only when you select Motion Tracker (no camera inside).
  9. Here, another one who can see the Background object in the viewport (with an image)...but in his case it is not rendering:
  10. It's not the first time I am seeing this in a video...that's why I was confused as hell why it doesn't show to me. Maybe they use a plugin for that? Hmm....
  11. Can you tell me then why here it can be view in the viewport?
  12. But it is visible in the render. I am trying just a simple setup: a scene, and a video on the background. So, I am using a material where I put my video (image sequence, but I tried with MP4 video too) in the color channel (then I Animate preview in Editor). Then I used the Background object where I applied the material above. And nothing shows in the viewport...but when I render it does show in the render. If I scroll in the timeline and render I can see each frame from that video rendered. Why it doesn't show in the viewport? (and I don't have that red light which tells the object not to appear in the viewport checked) I even watched some videos on Youtube, maybe I am doing something wrong...but no, I do it right.
  13. Here is the scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lje9ocimw1pk1z4/planet-destruction-3.c4d?dl=0 Although it looks kinda cool for the bigger sphere being knocked out.....



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