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  1. I have a scene in Cinema 4D which I exported as multipass in order to composite in After Effects. It's an explosion basically, combined with live footage. I have this sequence where I have to have some leaves (which are shot in live footage) going in front of the explosion, not behind. That's means masking/rotoscoping. What is the easiest and fastest way to rotoscope those leaves? I tried the Rotoscope brush from After Effects and it is still a tedious process because I have to remove the content which are in between leaves, not just at the margin. Also I tried Keylight to key out the blue from the sky but I still have some green artifacts at the edge of the leaves (although the color which was keyed out was blue, not green). How do I get rid of those green artifacts and make the mask smooth and dandy? See the image...
  2. I am using the physical render and when I enable Motion Vector in multipass I have a weird situation, see the image attached. Basically the light I am using is not rendered in one frame (it appears only in one frame from the animation), and the model has a blue color rendered in one frame (from the same animation). I don't have any idea why this is happening...maybe you have a clue? Another weird thing is that I have other lights in the scene but they persist more than a frame...and those are rendered when Motion Vector is enabled.
  3. Did someone encounter this issue when playing an animation in the viewport? See also how it looks in the render. I don't know what could be the cause, until yesterday it worked fine (even if the animation is heavy on TurbulenceFD simulations). Even if I play frame by frame it still appears. I did copy the scene to another new project file (I even deleted some TFD simulation and remain with only one) but I still get this. I am using the generic particles here...and the physical renderer. UPDATE I think I found what the problem was...it's the compression of the simulation. I had it checked and I think that what was the cause. I did a simulation without checking the Compress Cache (in Container tab of Turbulence FD) and it seems this problem disappeared.
  4. That doesn't work too well because I have the speed of 1300 (it's an explosion, right)...see the image below. And if I put the distance also 1300 with 100% variation I get branches which are way out. If I increase the number of the particles I am afraid it will increase the simulation and render time, not?
  5. I am using Thinking Particles to drive a TurbulenceFD explosion...but I have this issue. See the image...there are two TP generators: one larger and one smaller (both circles). I am using PStorm for both in the Shot mode (but one shot has a higher velocity than the other).. I don't know how to make those puffs of smoke, shot by the one with higher velocity, be a continuous trail. Any ideas?
  6. I have this strange situation and I can't figure what is going on... I had a Turbulence FD simulation on top of some dynamics (building destroyed by an explosion). But, when I try to render the whole animation (all frames) the Turbulence FD simulation is not rendering (and I do have Turbulence FD activated in the render). All the rest is rendering, including the dynamics. When I try to render using Current Frame setting in the render it does render! Why?? I am using the Physical Render in Cinema 4D R19. Below is the frame rendered using Current Frame setting in the render (you see the smoke and fire from the explosion simulated with TFD). Using All Frames renders everything except the explosion Turbulence FD simulation. Never happened this to me, because in the past I did other kind of simulations (fire, explosions, smoke) and it rendered all the animation. Did I forget a setting or something? In the Rendering tab of the container I did choose Density as smoke shader and Temperature for fire shader. UPDATE I found out what the problem is. If the TFD container is not enabled by default, from frame 0, (only enabled later) then rendering using All Frames won't render the content of the container. I didn't have it enabled from the start, only later when the smoke/fire started (thought I would save some headaches for my computer...instead I got the headache!).
  7. Now I have to figure out how to make it fade out before exiting the screen....
  8. Sorry :) ...this looks even better.
  9. I see you animated the refraction too. I didn't. And yes, I didn't know about hollowing the sphere :), but yeah, it would be logical. Thank you. Your example is what I was looking for.
  10. See the image. I tried 1.02 for Custom refraction and I don't see any distorsion. Also, I see the sky reflected (I think) and I don't want that (I use the Physical Sky as illumination).
  11. I assigned a material with Transparency mode only and tried the Water or Glass...but it doesn't look good. Where do I find Refraction and IoR?
  12. I want to create something like in the image below...a transparent shockwave animation which looks like a hemisphere (cupola) which distorts what's inside it (like looking through some kind of glass or a heat distorsion). Not sure how to proceed...in Cinema 4D or After Effects (I didn't find any tutorials showing a transparent hemisphere, only full spheres/circles and not transparent...and mostly in After Effects). Any ideas?
  13. Yes, it works :). Thank you so much for your help!!
  14. I am trying it right now and I will let you know about the result :). Thank you.
  15. It plays back fine for me too...I am talking about at the rendering time...after you render all the frames you don't see the baked dynamics taking place. You don't see the car flipping over, like you see it in the view port. It just sits there. That's what I want to find out, why.
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