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  1. Or maybe someone will build this type of plugin :) (this an idea, there is no plugin like that yet)
  2. Yeah, in the end I did like that. But it seems I have a lot of work to refine the weights....I am also using this plugin which helps a bit but not too much in this case: https://www.valkaari.com/?product=delta-mush
  3. Ok, I eliminated the model's rig and I am trying to use the mocap rig....still the Bind command doesn't work properly it seems. After the command Bind I move the model with Move tool and I see the rig is moving too with the model (so it is bound, it looks). But when I play the animation only the rig is animated, that animation is not translated to the model (before Bind command I made all the model parts as one model using Connect Objects, and used the result in Bind command - just like I saw in the video above). Any ideas?
  4. Here is the link to the scene: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2zusrh8q8e4b6uk/mocap.c4d?dl=0 I didn't use retarget tag....I used Bind command. As you see the bones from the first skeleton doesn't match the bones from the second. And I don't know if it should or not necessary.
  5. I have a model which is already rigged but it doesn't have any animation on it (I exported it as FBX from Daz3D). I got a motion capture data as FBX from the internet...a simple "say hello" movement. I watched this video on how to apply the mocap data (which shows is a rig actually) to a model (which doesn't seem to have a rig) . I followed the steps there but my model doesn't seem to get the Bind command...so the rig with the mocap data is not bound to the already rigged model I have. So when I play only the mocap rig moves, without the model. Do you have any idea on how to make it work? Do I have to delete the model's rig for that? Or? See the image below (the rig from the right is the rig which holds the motion capture data). Thanks.
  6. Hi, does anyone know of motion capture or animation data for a moon walk? You know, that kind of walk astronauts got to experience on the Moon and not Michael Jackson's moonwalk? In an FBX format, preferably, so I can use it inside C4D. I found something a bit like that here http://mocap.cs.sfu.ca/ (see Jumping section "Jumping with both feet at the same time"...but it's not exactly what I want and it's not longer) Thanks.
  7. Now if I only know why those channels are not exported in OBJ :) ...and I used Riptide plugin which makes it easier to export an OBJ from C4D.
  8. I was trying to use the model here www.mixamo.com and they accept only FBX or OBJ (FBX is too big for them though).
  9. I imported the model into C4D and re-did the materials. I managed to not use PBR materials either, just regular materials. Now when I export from C4D (R19) to FBX format the model looks almost like I want (see the image below). But when I export as OBJ not all materials are exported (not all channels: the Color Channel and Bump channel are exported but not Reflectance channel - where I have the roughness and metallic texture - and Normal channel - where I have the normal texture...and I don't know why - those two channels would give a better look to the model).
  10. Oh boy, this is killing me. Isn't there a speedier way to fix this? A plugin or something?
  11. Here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzrkb0skpuokhlr/SPACE_SUITE-rigged.c4d?dl=0 I used C4D R19.
  12. For this model I am using PBR materials (it's a model I bought it from the Internet...it was made and textured in Blender - PBR - and I had to figure out how to PBR texture it in CInema 4D R19). But when I export it as FBX or OBJ I get what you see in the first image. A translucent model. In the second image you see how it should look like. When I exported I made sure to export the materials too...but seems I am not lucky. How can I fix this? Thank you.
  13. I rigged a character. Then I went through all the joints and cleaned it up using Weight Tool. But I still have a messy mesh...see in the image below. When I try to raise the arm parts of the body mesh is coming up too (but in the second image you see that only the upper arm should be affected...and I made sure I cleaned it up well with the Weight tool). Same happens when I rotate the body or the head too much. How can I fix this so I can animate without problem? Thank you.



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