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  1. I put the exclusions because I don't want to light to light that geometry (and anything else). How do I do that then?
  2. Here is the file attached. My goal is to make an engine like this one (animated exhaust): ship.c4d
  3. I have a situation where I put a volumetric light inside a geometry and I want that light to only get out through a side of the geometry which is open. But in my case it gets out penetrating the geometry in all directions. Why? See the image. I want the light to be seen only where you see the red lines. See also my settings for the light.
  4. If I change the length of the back legs by modifying the length of the bones rig "Bone right leg" or "Bone left leg" (from "controller hip a"->"Bone hip") that doesn't propagate throughout the animation (seems the animation is baked in keyframes). How do I make it to propagate?
  5. Well, I don't have 3DSMax (but I do have this .max file so I can't open it).
  6. Now I noticed the back legs are also longer than usual, after importing the FBX. How do I correct that??
  7. Seems like it takes a lot of time using the weight tool for smoothing...
  8. After hitting Zero I get this. The bulge goes into another direction. See the first image. If I go to the Autoweight tab and hit Calculate the problem is fixed...but then the rig is misplaced. See the second image. I hit CTRL+Z to undo autoweighting, then the mesh seems ok and the rig is aligned to the mesh. But when playing the animation that part of the body is not animated, stays behind (and the back legs are longer now). See the third image.
  9. I have this model I got from a website. It's an animation of a dinosaur. But after importing in C4D with default settings I see this bulge on its back. See the image. The model was initially made with 3DMax and exported as FBX. How to fix it? You can get the model from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/sw8n9ypb7djubha/diplo.c4d?dl=0 (I've used in the past FBX animations like these and it never happened with other models. I am using R19) If I delete that controller "controller hip a" which seem to be creating that bulge and play the animation then the body is not d
  10. Yeah, your Mixamo clip is perfect for looping...but mine is not. And most of the clips are like that, not ideal for looping. Here is my clip https://www.dropbox.com/s/9pf9k81ylxpxxty/stegosaurus.c4d?dl=0 ...this is not walk in place (it's another type of movement, walk in line). But when I do motion clips the next two motion clips added make the model walk in place instead of continuing walk in line. Also, Relative Loops doesn't work because it makes my model start over. Frustrating....
  11. Thank you. I did it with Motion Clip.
  12. Also, my character is already rigged...and I see that to use CMotion you have to use Character first (from C4D) and rig it before adding CMotion. Can I use CMotion on an already made rig (which was not made with Character)?
  13. I tried doing that...by adding a motion clip to the animation (it wasn't motion clipped) and then create a Pivot object. I animated the pivot object but the model doesn't move forward. Still is walking in place...what I am doing wrong?
  14. I have this bird (ancient bird) which is set to fly. I has a fly cycle of 55 frames which I wanted it prolonged to 400 frames. I did that by going to the Timeline (Dope Sheet) from Window menu, select the object under Summary and then, in the main window on the right side in Properties, select Before=Off and After=Repeat (and Repetitions=10). So, I made the animation repeat itself 10 times...but I have a slight problem. If you play the file attached after each cycle you see a slight hiccup (a small stop of the wings). And I don't know how to make it seamless. Can you help? Here
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