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  1. I am basically repeating every step from this tutorial ...yet when I look at the Alpha channel of the render I don't see the shadow! The light is setup as Omni with Shadow Maps (Soft)....but if I setup the shadow , in the Light, as Raytraced or Area then I see the shadow...yet MAXON doesn't say anything about having to set up the Lights in a particular manner. What is wrong here?
  2. In the end I solved it by NOT using the camera mapping for those planes and sidewalks but using only a shadow catcher material (thus those planes would only catch the shadow and would be invisible - so the footage below would show up - and would look like part of the scene). I also looked at that video you gave me, Igor, especially from minute 6.25 and that could be another way I can try. Thank you for your help! @noseman thank you to you too!
  3. Viceversa...I need the plane to move as the camera moves...because that is the tracked camera. The sidewalks should follow the camera movement too. Basically, the plane and the sidewalks should look like being a part of the scene.
  4. The only materials there are "Mat" (which is the camera mapping), "Shadow.Catcher" (which is a simple shadow catcher material), and "C0001_00000" which is used for Background object and it is the same as "Mat"). I thought you downloaded the zip file from G Drive which contains the image sequence used for "Mat" and "C0001_00000". To save it as project with Assets means to upload again all that image sequence (over 1 GB).
  5. I just did, it didn't work. Have you tried?
  6. It didn't work...after reading your comment I said it was so simple but I didn't test yet...After testing it seemed it didn't work. See the video. road.mp4
  7. Hmm, I just tested it and it seems it doesn't work...
  8. Oh, so simple! Thank you again :)!
  9. Here is the link to the G drive of the footage (I suppose that is what is takes so long to download): https://drive.google.com/file/d/17ISuUnClYQCoLedn-szkinCrS4Pzp9ur/view?usp=sharing
  10. I have this scene where I do a camera mapping for texturing so that a road will look like the road from a footage. See the scene here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2rm7tvhdy08aig/scene-5-new-ver2-ground-explosion-forum.c4d?dl=0 (the footage used in this project is here https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8nss9wat60u4gl/footage.zip?dl=0 - an image sequence) See the Road plane (not Road.front or Road.back)...it has the material Mat. Click on that material and you will see that I Camera Mapping and assigned the Solved Camera to it. I want to lock up that material (that Camera Mapping in fact) to the plane so when the scene starts the camera material will move accordingly and not stay fixed - as it stay if I don't lock it). To lock it up I right-click on the material Mat assigned to Road plane and click on Generate UV Coordinates (I know from a previous project that this should lock up the camera). But when I do that a part of that Road plane disappears (render a frame to see it...get out of the Solved Camera to see it as well). I am not sure what is the problem here, can you help?
  11. That doesn't seem to work either...see the image. The fractures are not emitting anything, only the surface as a whole seem to emit something.
  12. Nope, you can't put those selections as sources (either in FumeFX directly or in Object Sources). See the image.
  13. I have a plane which I fractured with Voronoi Fracture. I added an attractor to make it explode (like a ground explosion). Now I want to use FumeFX for Cinema 4D to make smoke/dust/fire (basically an explosion to go with the ground explosion, but the pieces of the fracture should have smoke trails). I created the FumeFX container, I added an Object Source and there I added the Voronoi Fracture object. But when I simulate I don't see anything (the viewport view is enabled). Simple Source works ok. And I can't find tutorials on the net about FumeFX working with Voronoi (not for C4D, not even for 3DSMax) Any ideas? Has someone worked with FumeFX yet? UPDATE I Found out that I had to add the Object Source to the Object/Sources list from the FumeFX container (previously I added only the geometry I was using, not also the Object Sources itself - where I added that geometry). Now the smoke is generated from the geometry, but not from the fractures of that geometry. Seems FumeFX treates the voronoi fracture as one object. Need to dig up more... UPDATE II Seems I had to make the Voronoi Fracture editable and use the resulting fractures as individual pieces (added to the Object Sources and FumeFX Source list) for FumeFX to work with them.

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