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  1. Thanks Bezo, I will give that a try and see if I can find a division level that works.
  2. Thanks Hobbyist and Cerbera. It isn't a view clipping error. I will look into using the volume builder to see if it is possible to do it this way. Will it allow for the original Geometry to maintain its UVs, textures displacements, independent of the incoming slicing object with its own textures and such. My use of the volume builder has been mostly to create one object from complex or multiple objects. But in my uses, it is to create one newly modeled object. I will go experiment and see what I can do. Thanks
  3. Hi Everyone, I am creating an animation where I have to use supplied model and perform boolean operations for the sake of the animation. I have had this problem before, but was able to remedy it by un-clicking the high quality box in the boolean attributes. I have also seen that if the boolean is moved in space slightly one direction or another this too can fix the issue. Unfortunately I have tried several combinations of the various options and still have the geometry disappearing in select frames during the movement of the cutting object. The cutting object has to slide in and out and so I cannot move it slightly to remedy the issue. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. I am using c4Dr20
  4. Oh my gosh, missed that entirely. I have had the plugin in my interface a long time and didn't go back and read the readme. LOL. Thanks, read first post later. Working exactly as I wanted now.
  5. Hi Hoping someone out there can help me. I am using reeper plugin to create a string with 3 strands. I want one of the strands to be green and the other two white. Is there a way to easily set up a texture to work that way or a method to apply a texture to each individual strand? Thanks in advance.
  6. Just installed and had a look. I was able to get it to work with one subtool If I try to import others it seemed like it would only import the first one over and over again. I will keep at it. It is very promising and hopefully proves that it can be done!!
  7. Thanks Evomedia, I will give that a go. and let you know . I appreciate the help. I have reached out to different groups and support and it seems R20 is likely not going to see a usable GoZ plugin update or Sketchfab exporter. Since both are pretty basic to my daily workflow I purchased r20 and it just sits. I wish that I would have known. I am sure there are great new features in R20 and will hopefully get to them eventually. IF ANYONE has any additional information, thoughts, leads, news regarding GoZ or Sketchfabb exporter please let us know. Thanks, Q
  8. Thanks Bezo, I have done that multiple times and it doesn't change the color. There must be some other preference or something that I don't have on. I will keep looking
  9. Does anyone have any news regarding GoZ plugin and the ability to move back and forth from zbrush to R20 using the plugin.
  10. Sorry for the simple question. I have clicked around on what I think should be all the settiings and still can't seem to find how to get my Team render machines to show different Bucket colors in my picture viewer when the render farm is going. Is there something other than the view Bucket color button that I need to enable? In a related question, is it possible to see a tally of how many frames each of my team render machines was able to render? I can look on each client and write down the frames, but it seems there must be a simple tally that tells me at my machine how many frames each computer contributed. Thanks
  11. Yes, I am just South West of Denver. I would be happy to talk with you more in depth, maybe even grab a coffee. Feel free to reach out any time.
  12. Thanks Teknow very interesting approach. It seems you aren't to far down the road from me. Not to mention that we both do medical animation. I look forward to talking with you more.
  13. Thanks so much @natevplas. I really think I have some great new approaches. At the moment I got pulled over to a different project, but this will be great for my mind to marinade in the different ways I might do this. This community is great!
  14. Whewww. Sorry for starting this thread and disappearing. I had some personal issues that kept me away and I am just now getting back. THANK YOU so much for looking at this and giving it a go. Way more than I expected. As I am writing this I have not yet had a chance to open up the reposted versions to see what all has been thought through. I will do that now. More soon.
  15. Hello, I am trying to pull an organic tube (gray) around by its end through some colliders(purple) and up through a hole in an object using two ropes that are attached to it (blue). The rope needs to be pulled through the hole not initially by the end but with a loop or torus (yellow) about midway. My initial thought is to setup spline dynamics and constrain the soft body on its end. Then Hair collider or dynamics collider on the object with the hole. Collider body on the torus. Once the rope is through, I want to pull the soft body up into the hole by pulling on the end of the ropes instead of by the torus that pulled it through the hole. Questions: WIll the soft body respect the same collision as the spline dynamics or only collision from the simulation dynamics? Right now my rope is not properly colliding with the Hole in object and I cannot drag the soft body along with the rope as I have not figured out how to constrain the hair to a selected point or polygon on the soft body. Still searching ... Lastly I would like the rope to slip through the torus as it is pulled rather than the way I am doing it now which is to constrain it to the torus and pull. Below is a screenshot that lays out the general idea. I realize there is a lot of questions and information here. Feel free to address any or all parts, I would break it into select tasks, but want to make sure all the other elements would still play nicely. Thanks in advance. Happy to upload the sample file if someone wants to have a look. pullthrough.c4d
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