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  1. Thanks, I figured it out, I had the object duplicated so i could not see the text being etched.
  2. I have an object that i used Boole function on to etch text, I then Connect objects on it to make it one, i thought I could then add a material but it is not working, the material does not cover the etched part of the object and it is also stretched on the top and bottom of the object. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Mark
  3. Trying to make stone look like it is engraved, I found this tutorial that looks to be exactly what I am looking for except the text is extruded. I need it to go in the opposite direction, in instead of out. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Mark
  4. Wow, Looks like i have allot to learn! Thank you much for the info! Mark
  5. They file seems to big to post here, here is a link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pajursiridp8pik/Tempe only.c4d.zip?dl=0 Thanks Mark
  6. I have 5 columns all reacting with lights. I change the texture on one of the columns to use a built in texture, (marble) in C4D and now the lights do not light the column any more, In the same scene I see the older columns and they still react to the lights but not the Marble one. The object is not excluded from any light and will react to lights if i activate the Color Surface on the texture, but when I turn on Color Surface the Marble is covered up. Anyone know how to get lights to work with these built in textures? Thanks Mark
  7. Looking for someone who can make clouds like in the image below. They must be true 3D so we can see them from the front and bottom as they will fly over us. Also they need to be morphing. PM if you can do this with your rate.
  8. I am working on an After Effects project and we are needing a few people or one very talented person who can help with Modeling, Texturing, lighting and Animation of some elements to add to our project. Work from your hom e or office at your convenience, just be available to do screen sharing sessions for communication. We are located in Los Angeles CA. We need 1. Elements created and setup in C4D like water, clouds, stock objects and other. 2. Walk us through how it is all setup so we can adjust. 3. send us the C4D project so we can make changes and render. Please PM me or respond here with rate and examples of your work. Thanks Mark

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