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  1. Hi! Does anyone know a good way to do smooth letters like this? I cant figure out how to extrude a spline with an intesection like the T.
  2. Hi! I am going to project 4 films on the walls in a real room. Three walls and the ceiling. I have 4 projectors that are going to synk the video on the walls. Do anyone know how to render out this from cinema 4d? I use octane, but if that isnt working I can use another render engine. I am going to render out a person swimming (se picture) This is an art installation.
  3. Hi! I have problem with octane dont update the render. I used brush on hair and the render look correct in Live viewer but dont update correct in the final octane render.
  4. Need help! How do I prevent the hair from bend and go trough the model? I want the root to bend nice and not like this :-/
  5. Yes, Thanks AZacha Its working! Just one thing, how do I get the kelp to be fixed to the ground?
  6. Hi AZacha! I want the kelp to be animated and react to other objects.
  7. Hi! I have a problem. I have done kelp with a cylinder than adding hair instances. I want the stem to move but I dont know how to do it :-( The leaves are moving fine.
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