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  1. the solution was to use the $frame token at the beginning of the file name, which will force the correct sequence despite the built-in 5 digit limit inherit in C4D's frame number suffix
  2. When you render an image sequence it affixes the frame number to the end of the file name ie: Name00000.TIF - that’s 5 digits. How do I change this to 6 digits? I am trying to render a 180000 frame image sequence (audio-reactive visualization for a 1h45m DJ mix video), what has happened is that frame numbers over 99999 have their first digit truncated, eg frame 160000 has the name Name60000.jpg, and therefore the sequence is broken. What can I do about this, aside from rendering two separate passes (one for frames under 100000 and another for 100000+) and batch renaming the second pass...?
  3. In the end I figured out I was not selecting the correct layerset, I needed to be using the Layer Alpha mode. And the planes should have been created on the -Z axis, not +Z - once I got those parts right the shaders came in as expected, thank you!
  4. This is my first post on the C4D Cafe forum, hello! I'm having some trouble with the Mograph Multi Shader. I have a .psd with 4 layers, each layer should be applied to the texture of a clone, four in total. I tested it with some random shaders (not the .psd) and it works as expected. When I load the .psd into the texture slot for each entry in the Multi Shader, the clones show the first layer of the .psd, as expected (but backwards, why?) The problem is, when I go in to specify which layerset each multishader slot should use, the texture for that slot goes blank. Any ideas where I am going wrong? I know the layers in that .psd work as I am using it successfully on a different material.



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