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  1. Harder to get a good solve on a geometry track with cinema4d for my footage, but works well in PFtrack, I also find that the case when doing 3d camera tracks in both programs, PFtrack succeeds easier
  2. Hey All, So I'm having a little trouble here,0 I've done my first geometry track in PFtrack (I've previously only done camera tracking) and exported it as a FBX and imported into cinema. It looks great but it is tranlsated by the geometry being still and when looking through the imported camera it appears tracked. I'm wanting to somehow have the geometry actually move rather than the camera moving, as I want to add dynamic objects to the tracked geometry, and since it isn't actually moving I can't seem to do that. If there is a way to bake the movement or another way any direction and help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hey! yeah I've seen that around which is really cool!, I'm looking for something that will help me track faces from already shot footage from higher end cameras. So not real-time. (which alot of the things I'm finding are for)
  4. I want to know how to do face tracking or face mesh tracking so I can import into cinema4d and apply effects. I've been seeing a lot of work of people using Spark AR which tracks face meshes for creating filters but have no idea what program would be used to create a track and export that data to cinema4d. Any direction or help will be appreciated! Thankyou!
  5. Update: Issue is now fixed, updated both Graphics card driver and TurbulenceFd to latest version. It was initially still displaying red, but after a re simulation it now works fine (: Also to note it is now simulating completely with my graphics card instead of auto changing to processor.
  6. Thanks for the reply, I just updated my driver to the latest and it still shows red like above. Also when simulating I start by using the Graphics card but it changes to my processor. I'm using a GTX 1060 and my processor is i7-4790k
  7. Hi, New here, hence the newbie thread. ^_^ I'm following along a tutorial using TurbulenceFD for fire and smoke, and on my project when simulating it's showing up red and pixelly and not rendering, I finished the simulation and it still shows up like this Settings are very similar to example scene Any ideas? Thanks!
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