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  1. marian neulant

    Mesh light in a cloner

    hello café, i am trying to clone an object with a redshift mesh light in/on it. but in the cloning process, the light turns off, tried different parameters, but couldn´t find out so far ... any trick? thanks!
  2. marian neulant

    Clone with unspecified location

    oh man, thanks!
  3. hello café, is there a way to have a clone in an unspecified location, just like a sibling? i mean not in a linear, grid etc order, just somewhere a siblings object, that will be modified like the original. thanks in advance!
  4. marian neulant

    Gathered fabric

    thanks for advice, i tried out the belt stuff and had some problems, i will check out marvelous designer or change my design, haha.
  5. marian neulant

    Gathered fabric

    hey café, i would like to make a animation with gathering fabric, the shape will be a tube, 1,5m wide, coming down from a 2,6m high ceiling. i would like to also show the cords, that are gathering the fabric, any ideas? thanks in advance! ...marian
  6. marian neulant

    Create new object location

    thanks, that helps!
  7. marian neulant

    Create new object location

    thanks, but this is what i ment with directly in front of my face, no other option i guess
  8. marian neulant

    Create new object location

    hello café, problem: when i create a new object, it can be created at 0,0,0 or directly in front of my face. is there any option to create an object at a certain point in the model? thnaks ... marian
  9. marian neulant

    Bended wall

    it is 120 degree and the outer curve is 450mm --- ah, ok, got it, you can precisly move the deformer and set the angle ---
  10. marian neulant

    Bended wall

    hello café, sorry for this i guess simple question, but i am going crazy. i would like to build a wall with a bended area and certain measurements. how would you do this? ... not in general, but would you start with a cube, with a path, with a sweep? thanks in advance!
  11. marian neulant

    Best Wireless mouse for C4D (19)

    this model is discontinued, can you recommend one of the newer ones?
  12. marian neulant

    Fill a certain length with copies

    hey southpaw, now i can bevel the beams, thats cool, but how can i bevel the joint between ceiling and beam, a kind of minus bevel?
  13. marian neulant

    Spline length

    ich will check this out, coming from ten years sketchup, different workflow
  14. marian neulant

    Fill a certain length with copies

    cool, helps!
  15. marian neulant

    Fill a certain length with copies

    thanks, i would like to bevel the edges later on and had the feeling, when i converted the cloner into an objects some bevel opportunities went. ... i attached a pic. i want to do a ceiling with beams, but the beams should be beveled to the ceiling, not to themself