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  1. hello café, i still don´t get the axes colors, actually i thought it is red x, green y and z blue. i like to type in values, but i don´t get it to fill in the right field and have the feeling, that the colors switch. any advice to understand the system? thanks .... marian
  2. hey cbr, i examined your quilt file, wunderfully built, thanks a lot for that, also extremly helpful to understand stuff by playing with the file! triple thumps up .. marian
  3. hello café, i recently bought two of the rtx 2080 ti, great cards, but if it would be winter any more i would not need to turn the heating one, the whole computer is getting super hot.- is this normal, anyone experiences with this? cheers ... marian
  4. hey café, just posting my happiness about this nice little controllers from stream deck, which can store keycommands and have this beautiful little screens behind each button. second one arrived today ...#ilovegear cheers .. marian
  5. thanks man, i will have a look!
  6. hey cbr, sorry for the late reply, was sucked in a project. hmm, actually i have no idea, looks for me like some noise combined with somthing i don´t know??
  7. hey cbr, love that trick already! how can i make the surface look like fabric, with kind of random wrinkles and control the surface tension and blow up behavior?
  8. dear swarm, i would like to build an object with a quilted surface, (not only as a texture) how can this be done? cheers ... marian
  9. dear café, is it possible to look in the viewport "left" instead of "right", or from the back for example, should be easy, didn´t find the right button maybe. thanks you!
  10. hey João, it will be shown in berlin on an mercedes internal event, only for sellers. i think i will not be allowed to post pictures, when the machine is branded. cheers man, tell me when you are in berlin ... allways up for a (c4d)café!
  11. hey João, we are close to finishing line, the whole grill is missing, still milling ...
  12. got it! got it! no more ngons. the modeling fog lights up (1:1 german translation, ha)
  13. @Cerbera... didn´t find time to do the second part or redo the first one, but i think i understood someting very basic, you control the detail depth with the amount of polygons? less polygons > rounder shape, more polygons > more edgy/details? is that why you can achieve more precise objects in the subdivision mode than in the volume mesh one, because you have more control? why did you stich the bottom part and did not use close poly hole command? why didn´t you draw the bottom part on the level of the top part an later moved it down? (top part was already rotated) ... only to understand cheers!
  14. hello! in a way i mean both, still not so familiar with the c4d possibilities, in real world i am looking for a solution to animate moving doors of "wardrobes" to start with a block like shape and end up with a very different open structure (made a rough test yesterday with sounddesign .. see attached). the control of the shape i fed with sensor data, distance, loudness or maybe weight sensors to measure the crowd of people in front .. or kinect, don´t know yet. final version will have around six of this "modules" with different functionality and different design. in c4d would be great to simulate this sensor data with maybe a fader, which controlls several movements at once, for example the movement of the animation as one. i don´t know if this is possible, but would be great to have a kind of mixing console for the movements. have a nice weekend ... marian @Cerbera...thanks for moving the post @jmarco... sorry, i don´t understand what you mean ... video sound seems to not working Transformtest.mp4
  15. dear café, i am working on an interactive sculpture with "plates" moving in a transformer style. is there any way to unite several different movements to a kind of joystick control? so if i turn the joystick left and a bit up for example, it will influence a couple connectors? later in reality we wil build it with steppers with limited rotation angels ... influenced by sensors. would be great to have a flexible simulation for that. thanks in advance ... marian
  16. hey cbr, thanks for your time and teaching me, student again with 45, love it! i will try to redo the modeling later with the new knowledge. we milled the lamp, looks nice, even in this rough state.
  17. hey cbr, i tried to recreate part one and ran in some problems and have some questions: -how did you treat the blue object to have no visible mesh, that is irritating in the process -with the bridge tool, i had some points over each other, did not know how to avoid this -the glide tool didn´t work as expected, ... i have to look it up in the manual -had some problems with the stich tool, couldn´t convince it to be more symmetrical ... and could not close last polygon and is there a way to line up points? ...sorry so many questions
  18. hey cbr, thank you so much for your detailed description ... (couldn´t find the right emoticon for my thankfulness!) i will do the whole process hopefully tonight, started a bit yet. and i see a very different aproach than i thought. supercool.
  19. wow, that looks awesome! ..teach me! please!



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