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  1. Worked perfect. Old license detected and renewed. The only plugin working is x-particles and Redshift. Hope other follow fast.
  2. That statistic has two down points. 1. Its only C4D, no other software. 2. Companies are not in the list, so they are the major owner of licenses. I see the scepsis affect a lot people way over all applications. There are hypes and there are the negativity over subscription. Most Maya users I know get into very bad mood over updates, but then they pay on anyway. Do anyone like that V-Ray is subscription? I guess not more then 5%, but still they pay. So if 64% don't want to upgrade, then they truly hope to change something, before they upgrade. Its all about the money and as long as your job is running things are ok. I just think for freelancers times getting way harder, but that also reflect the overall economic crisis that just started. Keep in mind, that companies like Autodesk and MAXON lost a lot money, because more and more production went into countries with little to no respect for software costs. I know huge companies in India that have 100 artist doing post production in Nuke and the whole company own exactly 1 License. They think that's fair, as they live in a poor country. So when you start to learn Blender, know that your competitor in South Asia, owns what ever software, incl. all plugin and resource for free. You can't win here. In the end we can only live in markets where the artist is a high talent single and here the motion artist, is really ahead. So, I'm back in R21 now.
  3. Subscription is the pest of modern times. Else I keep both Modo and C4D in my workflow. In Modo I can edit meshes and shade like 20 times faster the C4D. The workflow with instances and group is much smoother and free of problems. C4D does so many things wrong here. However when rigging and deforming or doing FX C4D is way ahead of Modo. Its kind of sad that none of the two tools are complete for my work. To much CAD to much modeling and C4D is out of the game. In Modo I just stopped to use deformers, except spline deformer (which is better but different then in C4D). I wish both tools could work stronger together. C4D is really bad with FBX sometimes and there is no way yet to get shaders and render settings across platforms (except 3dsmax to Modo using V-Ray). I can hear the whole price discussion along Blender anymore. You can buy a fast GPU machine? Spend a few thousands and then work with Blender. That sounds greedy. In Blender you will invest a lot money into add-ons to do some of the basic stuff you get free in other apps. After buying a dutzend of them, you might realize Blender is not free. So, the professional level is alway money intensive, only it sucks that you need to spend money to keep a software, instead of just own it.
  4. The thing with subscription, the true problem, it only works for a limit time. Then the user who can‘t pay or don‘t want drop off for another software. Hard to get them back. AD us facing that problem right now and tries to avoid it with the low price for individuals (like Houdini). Downpoint in Houdini is the special file format that makes many resources unavailable. So, AD might get back a few switchers, but they ignore the causal users. The ones that work for passion or the ones that uses a software just rarely in a company. The model is all for short term cash flow.
  5. After a whole year I thank every day I have to model or uv that I don’t have to use C4D for that. I use it for the rest, but the workflow in C4D is so for away from productive. Pardon, just my thoughts. Maybe in R21 they realize the mess and remove selection tags from being such a pain the as. Or have something like copy paste polygons.
  6. I'm still fighting my way with instances, have to say: MAXON please rethink your workflow. But, maybe I'm just to stupid. What I want: Select the reference of instances, then select all the instances and move them to a group or merge them etc. Simple organize my scene. 1. Selecting all works with scripts, done. 2. Convert render instances to mesh: Strange but for that you first need to convert them to Instance, then do the conversion. Not logical, but maybe they hate us. 3. Convert instances to editable. Works. But each instance is moved to a group. So I need to select all former instances again to merge them. Thats really painful. 4. Moving instances in your scene (like in a new group). Somehow C4D always moves them when grouping. I want to have them remain in place. It works when unparenting, but not with parenting. Stuck here! This stuff I do all the time in other software without even asking once, so I'm a bit desperate, and already installed a bunch of scripts, still I'm far from production ready workflow. I normally just pick the reference of instances, and parent all instances under nice, to easily find them later. Not working in C4D. Also a simple merge selected only work on mesh, not instances, its getting painful. Hope someone has the same problem and helps.
  7. I have script here, that selet all Instances of a Mesh Object. However it does not work on render instances. Anyone knows how to do that? Also when deleting an Object that has Instances the Instances don't get deleted but are just broken Instances. Is there a function that does not only delete an object, but also its Instances?
  8. Every paper getting lit from behind should show it on the front side.
  9. Never mask refractive materials. The label need a front and backside. So it should be an own geometry with a shader that does separate this. Also translucence is important on that label. There are many examples for leaves. Redshift shading is a bit different to other render, but you can do everything and its really fun.
  10. Yeah it looks like this is the cold revenge of the mapping per shader nonsense. It did hold me back on C4D the last 9 years. I really hope to reach the developer to tell them to drop there, layer some shaders workflow. Some other C4D users pointed out: thats where RizemUV is for. And yes thats indeed the only good solution. You need UVs. Because then I'm also able to use the same UV channel across object using the identical shader. So in order to get that: First create a box with size of the projection. Then select all objects, incl. the proportion box. And then choose UV projection, name for the UV and option all selection objects. To be fair that workflow I often used in the past in different software package, to avoid any offsets through moved objects (world coordinates agains locals, can be tricky to handle). At least it's possible, that the most important thing right now. But I would love to have projection gizmos for extra textures. PS: Yes camera projection exists too. Its doing a good job, but its not really the correct thing here. First off, how to deal with multiple textures? (Just had to place 20 on one object!!!) Second you have no control of the true size of texture. So if its 1m x 1,22 m its get trick to handle, etc. Lets hope R21 finally comes with a rework of UV tools...
  11. Is it possible to have the texture projection on an object based on another one. For example instead of adjust the texture size of a flat projection per object, I want to define one square and then use it on multiple Objects. Like texture gizmo, or projection in other applications. I'm not sure how this would work. At best I would simple create a null with rectangle size and use it to project a texture in one shader too all objects its applied.
  12. I'm not sure how to achive that. I used a shader for that in a different software, that generated a gradient based on all connected surfaces in mesh. Ideal to shade variation of leaves (leaves more then one polygon) in a tree. So I guess in C4D that needs something like vertex colors, or? Well then how to get that done.
  13. I have some import items that I need further and because I don't want to change the scale in every modifier I want them to be truly scaled to the value I want. Its 1% on all values. Now, C4D seems to have a zero value function (with the untrue freeze) but not a way to really freeze scale. So if you for example use cloner, the object will be back to its original scale. The only work around I found is actually merging the object with another empty polygon. SOLVED: I leave that here for others: There is a command: Mesh/Commands/Reset Scale.. However you need to check the option wheel and choose 'compensate points'. That was a hard one to find.
  14. Hi thanks, the Material exchange did a good job. Never the less I ended up with many duplicated materials. I know sometimes this has to do with what to find in the tag applied. (UV and Tiling setting) but they where all identical. So I would say, this is not solved at all. The delete duplicate function did not work correctly. Any hint on why?
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