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  1. Sorry for asking but I'm to new to know. Here it comes: 1. When moving an object in the object list under another, C4D automatically expand the hierarchy. What if I don't want it? In my case I have a group I often drop items to and don't really want to loose overview. 2. If I unparent an object via the unparent command it get moved to the top of the object list. Can I tell C4D to move it to the button of the list too? 3. Same as 2. When unparenting an object with a child object only the selected object get moved, not the childs. While this is funny, how can I unparent the whole hierarchy with a command? 4. When instancing an object it get the name of the object. Fine. When selecting to Object and hitting Instance creation I get two Instances with the names Instance. and Instance.1 ... how can I prevent that and still have the naming of the original? 5. Can I force C4D to always create Render Instances when creating an Instance? More to come...
  2. Hey that sounds great. I just have little time this week, next week I got more time. Just let me know.
  3. There are things I'm used to do different to C4D and I wonder how you do that. 1. I'm used to that hidden polygons don't render in preview. So lets say you have a model and want check one element, hide the rest, still everything hidden is in the rendering. That confuse me, how do you do that? 2. When I want to add a selection of polygons to selection tag, I thought I can simple add it, but instead C4D replace the whole tag selection with the one I just have. So to do that. I would always first go the tag, add the tag selection to my current selection, then add all to the selection tag. But that way I loose my current selection. To be fair so, the thing I hate most in C4D are selection tag.. maybe I missed some important shortcuts and tricks. 3. When I disable an object to viewport display, I can still select it, and switch to poly or vertex mode, but I don't see anything. Shouldn't an object appear in viewport when I select its element like vertex, etc. I'm just used to that workflow.
  4. Yeah, in some areas C4D reminds me to Lightwave, that I used 20 years ago. I have to check that out and see how well it works for me.
  5. ok, got it. One more question: How can I assign a keyboard shortcut to the individual dial layouts? As far as I can see now, its always one Dials Layout with submenus in the middle ring.
  6. RobertL

    Visible/invisible toggle script

    Thanks! Changed it a bit: import c4d def main(): selected = doc.GetActiveObjects(c4d.GETACTIVEOBJECTFLAGS_CHILDREN) for obj in selected: if obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_EDITOR] == 0 or obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_EDITOR] == 2: obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_EDITOR] = 1 obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_RENDER] = 1 else: obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_EDITOR] = 2 obj[c4d.ID_BASEOBJECT_VISIBILITY_RENDER] = 2 if __name__=='__main__': main() c4d.EventAdd()
  7. RobertL

    Visible/invisible toggle script

    Thanks, but I'm not looking for tag, but a script to put on a shortcut.
  8. Hi there, I have found a few solutions, but I can't simplify it to the way I want. What I want is toggle between to modes: 1 = both option are grey 2= both option are red. So I don't need the green state. Anyone has a niffy little script for such? (In terms of multi-selection just take the state of the first selected.. so no real inverse)
  9. ok thanks, good news!
  10. I have question toward Dials. I downloaded the demo and each time I choose dials the circle icons get faded in one by one. Now, I'm not sure that the demo only. But if I buy the plugin I want a pie menu that pops in instantly.. so is that only the demo?
  11. RobertL

    Buying C4D Plugin Forest

    If anyone sells Forest, not sure if that's possible, I would be interested.
  12. RobertL

    Instance Broken after Connecting Mesh

    Well you are right, the work around is not to hard, but never the less, its a bug to me.
  13. Wow thanks.. thats awesome! I wonder why MAXON hasn't already integrated both solutions. So essential. I guess the cv_toolbox stops working once my account finish.. quite expensive. But anyway I will try, it is to essential to miss.
  14. I'm not sure how the normal C4D user manage that, I find it very difficult, but hopefully someone has some useful tipps. When having Objects with 10-20 different shaders on it, I found it really hard to see what material is used for what polygon. I thought there is some kind of selection tool, where I can click on a polygon of an item and it select the material applied to it, but it must have been a dream. So currently I have to go through all selection tags, to see what selection is used and then go through all materials do find the selection tag applied. Thats horrible, it makes the multi sub material in Max look even nicer.. I found new useful information on the web. Just one nice plugin video for a selection manager, that was never been released. So I guess people have found other methods. I'm lost here whit imported Objects I get that all the time and then only script that separates objects by material groups is so slow I could hire someone just do the needed 50 clicks per day... insane. Well, sorry for this, I should probably tell that MAXON, but they have no public forum where people can put there frustration too... but I don't give up hoping there is a solution somewhere.
  15. RobertL


    Ok thanks, very helpful. Any chance you have demos of your plugins?