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  1. Hi Dan, thanks a lot for your answer. I was wondering about my mountains for instance if I make them super high like real world (say 3000m), will that not slow my scene down a lot ? There will be more polygons and more calculations, no ? And would you know anything about my last question relating to a TurbulenceFD simulation ? Does the scale of the simation impact it's speed or anything else ? Thanks !
  2. Hello all, I made a landscape of canyons with World Machine. I imported it to C4D, but I didn't pay attention to the scale. The plane generating the height map is basic 400 cm x 400cm. Now I want to make a little house at the base of the canyons, but I'm realising that I have to model it extra small to make it realistic next to the canyons (which are 85cm high...) Should I redo my scene and have all the dimensions real world ? For example, the mountains should be 3000m high ? Also, I'm planning on making a rocket launch near the mountain with Turbulence FD. Will this be an issue with the scale ? If the rocket is real size , will the simulation be longer ? Thanks !!
  3. Hi all, I created a landscape in World Creator and exported the height map in 8K. I have Cliffs, Rocks, Sand PBR materials from Poliigon that I want to apply to it. This is where it gets complicated. I tried everything : mix materials, combining height maps, looked online for ages... Couldn't find anything that works. When I create a Mix Material and put the landscape height map in the displacement channel, the diffuse works, but all the other displacement channels of the materials don't work. Do you guys have a solution ? I see many people making tutorials about World Machine/World Creator in Octane, but no one seems to use PBR materials on it to make realistic mountains. So there is no help that I could find. Any help would be greatl appreciated ! Thanks



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