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  1. Thanks, @deck! I'm coming to the general consensus that, although Mograph is awesome, it does have limits after all I think I'm going to try your second approach and just carefully create different selections for different cloners. Gonna be a bit tedious but may be my best bet. Unless someone knows any other C4D Mograph dark magic!
  2. I just did a test and you are absolutely right @Cerbera! Push Apart treats the cloner as an object but not the cloners clones. Just to give you better context, I need to take two different types of coral, both types positioned close together to creat a dense mingled mass. The animation involves animating on - scaling - specific types of coral, not a random effect. Essentially, I need to have a dense clump of different coral, with each coral animating on as a group. I could do some sort of clone selection perhaps but I'm gonna have a LOT of clones so that could be tough. Any other suggestions? Thanks again.
  3. Thanks @Cerbera, it sounds like I need to find a plan B. I wonder if I can clone cloners so I can do effectors on the separate cloners but the master cloner drives the push apart.
  4. Hi folks, I'm wonder if it's possible for the Push Apart Effector to effect the interaction between clones in different cloners. I need to clone a bunch of different objects on a surface and have different groups animate differently without intersecting. Is this possible? Perhaps there's a better solution I'm missing? See sample setup in the file below. Thanks for any help you can offer! J PushApartCloners.c4d
  5. Wow, thanks @Hrvoje! I need to dig in to this when I have time but from the looks of it this is great! I may have another question or two for you but in the meantime thanks again!
  6. Howdy folks! Hi @Havealot @AlexJerome! I'm not sure if anyone on this thread will see this but if so, I'm trying to do the same thing - a plain effector to change size and one material to another as well. I'm kinda a noob with fields and I'm not sure how to apply your solution. I've attached a sample file. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks Color_Change.c4d
  7. Thanks for the response, Hrvoje. I'm not completely clear on what you mean though. Is the shader for the shape or the die off? I'm not able to jump in to C4D at the moment but will soon and try and see if I can figure out what you mean. Anymore details would be great, a bit of a noob with some of this!
  8. Hi folks, I'm struggling with something I thought would be an easy animation and i'd love some help. I have a mass of clones, they will be discs representing coral on a map. I need to illustrate die-off so I want them to turn red, scale up a bit them scale down as the field closes in around the edges. I have the scale working but it's in reverse and I can't figure out how to make it scale up a bit then scale down. I had the color changing at one point but I can't seem to make it work again. Summing it up: 1. Create an effect where cloners scale up at the edges of the clones, turn red as they do, then scale down. 2. Have the pattern be in irregular chunks rather then a perfect shape like a sphere or plain. I'd love any suggestions folks can offer. I attached a file below. I'm working in R21 Thanks! Scale_Color_Help.c4d
  9. Just bouncing up this thread again to see if anyone has anymore thoughts.
  10. Thanks bezo, that's close too but I realized I wasn't working with all the right parameters so here is the more complicated scene I'm going for. When I tried the cloth object it didn't work in this situation. Thanks though! Moon_Tests_V1.c4d
  11. Thanks for the response, #TreeW! This looks like it's almost there but when I set the strength high enough, so that the clones fully match the curve of the sphere, I lose the Z depth. Any idea how to remedy that? Thanks again!
  12. Howdy All, I set up a sample project of the challenge I'm facing. I'd like to deform clones so they curve onto a sphere. I have cloned some cubes onto the surface of a sphere without a problem but whenever I try a surface deformer everything goes haywire. I've played around with the projection type and plane settings in the surface deformer, tried different hierarchies, etc., without any luck. I'm wondering if it's a setup problem or if I'm going about this all wrong. Any help would be appreciated. I'm using R21. Thanks Deform_On_Sphere.c4d
  13. Thanks for the responses! Here is a file for you to look at. @Noseman, I tried your approach and it helped but the kink remained, just moved closer to the end so I feel like I'm still missing something. I also found a cheat by reducing the end growth to 99%. That seems to do the trick but just curious if that's the best solution. Thanks again! Helix_Sweep_Issue.c4d
  14. Howdy, I'm sweeping a rectangle along a helix and the end and start of the sweep both have this odd kink/crimp occurring. I've played around with a lot of the setting in both the helix and sweep object with no luck. Does anyone have a suggestion on how I might fix this? Thanks for your time!
  15. Hey Guys, I'm wondering if anyone has had this issue. I downloaded the R20 demo on my Mac and when I click on "click here to register and activate" nothing happens. Any idea what might be going on? This is the first time I've installed the R20 demo on this computer. Thanks for any suggestions!
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