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  1. Thanks @jed, that looks like a great solution! I appreciate the help.
  2. Howdy, I'm a bit lost in the weeds with animating on splines and need some help. Here is the situation. I need to animate cars along an arcing road. The road animated on first and then I need to have the pop on on one end and then become a constant stream for the duration of the animation. Right now I have an infinite stream of cars cloned along a spline animated by the Rate option at the bottom of the Object tab for the cloner. So far so good. HOWEVER I need the cars to not be there the whole time by start driving into the scene. Maybe there's an effector I need to use? Perhaps I'm using the wrong spline animation approach? See the attached file if needed. Thoughts? Thanks for the help. Spline_Animation_Help.c4d
  3. Thanks @HSrdelic! The normals trick worked AND that led me to the real issue, my original splines were placed incorrectly on the the XYZ axis. One was in +Z and one was going in -Z so that mean one set of the splines was always going the opposite direction. Thanks for helping me get there and I obviously need to pay more attention to the original coordinates!
  4. Hey All, I'd love some help figuring this one out. Here is the setup: I have a polygon tree trunk and I've created two different sweep object limbs. I did a Set Selection of polygons (call it Limb_bases) on the trunk object where I want the limbs to attach. The limbs are in a cloner, object mode "trunk", distribution Polygon Center, selection set to "Limb_bases". Things seem to work until I noticed some of the clones are sticking to the back side of the polygons (inside the tree) and jutting in the opposite direction. What you see if the base of the limb sticking out of the front of the polygon and the rest of the limb going through the tree. I guess a copy of the file might be the best way to see all the settings, etc. See attached. I don't see any option to set the direction or choose the face of the polygon. Is this a bad approach or am I missing something? Surface distribution causes weird bunching and Poly Ctr is the effect I want. I know I could just model them traditionally but I now need to learn from this and figure it out! Love any help I can get, not the most experienced Mograph user. Thanks all Jasper Tree_limb_cloner_issue.c4d



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