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  1. I noticed there's a lot more in there than I initially saw. I'll check them out! Thanks!
  2. Hi Igor, Thanks for the reply. I've been recreating my own house which is quite dark of itself and is only lit by hanging bulbs, ceiling lights and standing lamps. And dayligyt coming in of course. But I've been struggling to get it right. So I thought light setups would be very instructional to see how they are set up generally. And to use as starting points possibly. But of course individual models with lights already included would be great as well. Cheers, Maarten
  3. Hi friends, Does anybody know a good source for interior lighting assets? Thanks, Maarten
  4. Hi @Cerbera. Did you get a chance to look at these settings? I'm curious to see whether I can improve on the render times. Thanks!
  5. Okay, thanks. So using the color channel and the normal channel would be best practise in most cases?
  6. Hi CBR, The strange thing is that CGaxis.com, where I got them, did not have any info for me on this. What confused me is that there is no color file, but I guess it's the diffuse is the one I have to use, since that is closest to the actual texture. But should I add that to the color option or to the diffuse setting? Thanks, Maarten
  7. Hi there, I've purchased a collection of materials a while ago and I wonder how to best set them up in C4D. It seems they are set up in a different way than I am used to. So my question is, in which sections of the materials sections would you add the images to get the best result? I've included the example render and the files for one of the materials. I hope someone can help me out! Thanks, Maarten
  8. Hi CBR, Attached the render settings I used. The C4d folder is pretty huge so I did not upload that for now. Thanks! Maarten
  9. Well I did as you suggested, and the good news is the quality is great. The bad news is it took 16,5 hours to render on 2400 x 1600 resolution on my MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2017) with 3,1 GHz Intel Core i7. I used QMC primary with Light mapping as secondary method. Samples low. And in Physical sampler settings on adaptive and quality on medium. I realise the rendering time depends on so many different factors, but if you have any general tips for speed they would be much appreciated! Thanks! Maarten
  10. Done! Sorry about that. I am new(ish) here.
  11. Hi guys, I've been working on a render and I keep getting these spotty patches on the surfaces. I've used the physical render engine with primary method irradiance cache and secondary method light mapping, samples high and also physical sampling quality high. I've tried other settings but they keep appearing. Hope someone can help! Thanks! Maarten
  12. Hi guys, Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes. Is there a preset available for creating doors? I'm looking to create doors that have panelling and insets, etc. (The preset that comes with C4D only has the modern door that you can edit a bit) Any other type of assets are welcome too, of course. Thanks in advance, Maarten
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