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  1. AH, by using the actual Scale attributes in the co-ordinates tab.. I see!
  2. Hi all, I've recently updated to R21 from 18, and getting used to the new fields. In R18, I could create a spherical falloff, but then scale it non-uniformly to make an elliptical shape (as attached) The sphere field in R21 doesn;t have handles for scaling non-uniformly. Is there another way of doing this? Or would I have to us a piece of geometry as the falloff source? Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys, I'm having some trouble using some stock 3d models, because of how the textures aren't linking properly. This is probably due to me not understanding how c4d manages it's textures properly... but any help would be appreciated! BTW, I'm using R21 I have a bunch of stock meshes from poliigon, each has their own folder, c4d scene with redshift ready shader, and textures. If I load up the c4d scene of e.g. a chair, then the textures show up fine. However, if I merge, or copy another 3d mesh, from another file, the textures of the 2nd mesh don't show up. So I thought I'd use the asset inspector/texture manager and re-link the textures of the 2nd mesh. I used 'relink assets...' on the ones that were missing (had a red X under status), to where they were on my hard drive, and the crosses change to green ticks. However, as soon as I double click on the material ball, it shows that the textures haven't been re-linked, and the ticks change to red crosses again! What am I doing wrong?! Thanks in advance
  4. HI all. I'm trying to make an animation with a horse pulling a cart, and I need to add some basic articulation. Nothing complex, (don't even need the wheels turning on an axle) - I just need that kind of delay you'd expect, as the horses follow a path for the carriage to follow slightly after; as if on a hinge. Would anyone be able to advise the best method for this? I'm guessing it's a constraint? I haven't really delved into the world of constraints yet, so if that is the way forward, I'd really appreciate any pointers! Thanks in advance, much appreciated
  5. Thanks so much Dan! I've been watching your you tube video and it's really helpful. Although I'm not new to 3D, I'm reasonably new to c4d, and I appreciate the way your video goes over some foundation stuff stuff too. Subscribed to your YT channel, many thanks for your contributions to the community This forum has got to be one of the most helpful and friendly software forums I've come across, it really is appreciated.
  6. Hi all. I've been following this tutorial to combine Mixamo clips into a sequence: In my case, I have an idle, then a 90 degree turn to the right, then a walk. However, when the walk clip plays, it does it from the wrong orientation- understandable as thats the way the clip was made. So, I tried rotating the null/group 90 degrees, but this doesn't work. I tried a few variations of rotating other bits of hierarchy, but no joy - I am a total beginner on character animation in c4d! I'm sure I'm missing something very obvious, any help would be appreciated. My scene file was too big to upload, but there's a Dropbox link below; I realise my description might be a bit confusing! https://www.dropbox.com/s/lmblerdy6g5q03s/mix_motionclips.c4d?dl=0 Many thanks in advance!
  7. Thanks for your reply! The dynamics actually work fine in the cloner (when 'use instances' is switched off). The bit that doesnt work is the drawing of the spring geo, as it uses XPresso - which I guess doesn't function properly in the cloner. I was just wondering if there were any XPresso tricks to make it work inside the cloner.
  8. @Hrvoje, I've been using a different spring system, as it has to react totally dynamically, using this system: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2e-oI1T_bmQ&t=121s This is a great system, however, I've come across an issue which I think is in the way the XPresso works. I'm trying to make a grid of these springs, so using a cloner to make an array. However, the XPresso which gives the renderable spring geometry it's height, seems to stop functioning properly when used in the cloner. I'm guessing that this is because it doesn;t know how to reference the different pieces of geometry? I'm inexperienced with XPresso, but do you know if this is fixable, or do I need to just manually clone them? (which is annoying if anything needs globally changing!) I've attached a simple scene file showing a manually copied array, vs the cloner array. Thanks for any help in advance :) Spring Eg.c4d
  9. Hi Hrvoje, thanks so much for your reply, what a great community! I'll confess I don't really do much rigging or XPresso, so this will be a good chance to try and learn some! I'm normally deep in particle and dynamic systems, so this is interesting to see this approach. Really appreciate your reply and example file! Many thanks :)
  10. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could advise how to make a system similar to the video I've attached, where these 3 springs are all connected to the sphere, and they move dynamically. I have played around with the spring & slider setup, using hard body dynamics, but this is something different. In a normal spring setup, I think you can only choose one connection at either end, so I'm wondering what technique might have been used to do this? Thanks in advance :) topper-springs.mp4
  11. Ah ok, so you put a null under the circle, then link the text to that? Great, thanks. Really appreciate your help :)
  12. Hey Jed, thanks for posting that file. I think it works for you because of the way your circle is rotating, i.e. it is linked to a null which has the rotation keys. So when you use the PSR constraint it centers the text to the circle. In my scene, the circles are rotating around an off-axis, so when the text is targeted, it aligns to the circle's axis. Do you know if there's a way to make it work with the way I have my scene set up? (i've attached a stripped out file) forc4dcafe.c4d
  13. Hi Jed, I tried that and it doesn't work. It doesn't seem to make a difference :( I've also tried doing a clamp, but no joy there either
  14. Hi all. I am having toruble with something that I'm sure is quite simple. I have a circle moving around an off-axis (like a planet revolving around a sun). I'd like to link some text, and have that in the centre of the circle, but so that it always stays horizontal; so it inherits the parent circles position, but not it's rotation. I understand that it is rotation, rather than position information that the parent circle has, but is there anyway to do this, e.g. forcing the text to remain constantly horizontal? Thanks in advance :)
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