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  1. So I have a cloner set up with an animated object inside. Im using the time offset to have them start at random times. Is there a pre run or a way to pre run so they are all animating at 0? Thanks J
  2. Also a lot of tracker prefer a image sequence as opposed to a movie...Hope this helps
  3. Different trackers react differently to footage. You could try removing the grain and making the video hi contrast to help the tracking. Artifacting and/or motion blur can be a big headache. You can try Mocha (bojou or syntheses) too. Ive had some success with different trackers. PfTrack may still be around. If its 2d tracking use mocha for sure.
  4. Also tried to bring in a .aec and still no luck. Seems like it shouldn't be this hard....
  5. OK so I baked it and reimported the c4d file (extracted camera again) and still not working...Any ideas?
  6. Hmmm after a google search didn't turn up much. How do I bake camera in r18+ Thanks J
  7. Thanks for the responses.....So extracting the camera in chinaware is for what??? Thanks J
  8. Hi all, I have a c4d scene that I opened in After Effects. I extracted the camera and lights no problem. I then add a layer and switch it 3d and doesn't respond to the extractive camera.... Any ideas? Thanks John
  9. When you say map out, you just mean apply the texture with a UVW correct? Thanks J
  10. Hi I have a baked .png and a model but I cant seem to make the texture map correctly. Any ideas? See link for scene file https://www.dropbox.com/s/y7b3r6irt8bxw93/EdwTexture.zip?dl=0 Thanks J
  11. Further tests (FBX 7.2 have got me this) Will only rig the bandages
  12. Hey all, Trying export this model to Mixamo and cant get it to work. Have tried obj zip and all versions of fox (7.1-7.5, 6.1) I get varying problems like the texture is washed or it wont work at all ... The model is locate d here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fa6g781spzq6s2b/Eddie4MIxPrep.c4d?dl=0 Thanks J



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