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  1. StageFive

    Render with PANTONE colours

    That's a clever trick. I'll have to remember that one. Thanks.
  2. StageFive

    Render with PANTONE colours

    I'm mainly replying to watch this thread. I know that depending on what type of HDRI you're using (if you are) can totally change the color cast of your image. I usually use a studio HDRI that has very little color cast on it. A trick some other 3d friends use is to take an HDRI/EXR that you like and remove most of the color in Photoshop. You may still have to go into an image editor and adjust the color after rendering though to try and target the PMS colors you want. The new Pantone+ palettes all use LAB colors though. Which might make them more accurate on screen.
  3. StageFive

    Unwarp to Print

    Have a look at Pepakura Designer. It's not free, but I think it may be what you're looking to do. There are probably more manual ways to do it in C4d. Possibly a well planned UV map, but those can have a distorted polygon surface area from your actual mesh. https://tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/