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  1. This is the result I want, but rather with the concrete texture stretched out over the whole cylinder, instead of repeated on each cube in an unnatural pattern.
  2. Hi all, I am pretty sure this is a simple one. I have cubes in a cloner to make up a concrete cylinder. I have the concrete texture sitting on the cloner which looks good (pictured left). I want the sides of the cubes to be a different texture "behind" the concrete. When I add the blue texture to the sides of the cloned cube, the concrete texture on the cloner disappears and in its place there is no texture. I have tried messing around with the "mix textures" settings but am stumped. Obviously this is a hierarchical issue and if I place the concrete texture on the clone, we would see a really unnatural repitition. SCENE.c4d
  3. @Fastbee - I managed to install lagarith and it's working within the AVI bucket. I am pretty happy with the codec, and I highly recommend it over H.265 if you are using as final render files. I am no codec expert but seems comparable to cineform/DNxHD. Miles ahead of the other AVI codecs. Just search for the lagarith installer on Google (not a generalist codec pack). Disaster averted. HOWEVER - I am unable to get the Alpha layer to export with AVI lagarith (I have checked alpha tickbox under settings, and have of course selected RGBA under the codec settings. One in 10 of my renders need transparency and I am still rendering those as image sequences which is annoying. Does anyone have any ideas? See picture below. I am pretty sure I am not making any "silly mistakes" with settings as when I switch to PNG it works with alpha. @jed & Nate - Thanks for the ideas, smart. May use this for the alpha animations.
  4. Thank you for your response! Right, that makes sense. So I googled "windows media codec pack" and the latest download I could find on Microsoft's website was from 2004, and of course did not install on Windows 10. I downloaded and installed a decent looking 3rd party one from https://www.mediaplayercodecpack.com/. It even said something about "Lagairth" when installing which sounded good. However, no options have changed when rendering out AVI: Does anyone know how to add codecs to the windows media service?
  5. Hi all, (First post, hello everybody, I'm new here! And yes, that's a dog in my profile photo) The loss of support for Quicktime export options in C4D has me hitting a roadblock that I was hoping someone could offer some advice on. I am on Windows 10, running R19. My workflow has always been to render out video files as my final render (not image sequences, I know, I know, it's rookie and bad practice). There are various reasons why I don't like image sequences - in essence single video files are a much more efficient workflow for my particular needs of high volume, quick renders, where folder management quickly gets out of hand. I would be happy to explain more, but this is not really the point. I have resorted to rendering in the only half-decent video codec available in the render options on Windows: AVI with Intel IYUV compressor. It's big, not terribly efficient, and outdated. Prior to the loss of Quicktime, I would render out a single .mov compressed with Gopro Cineform or DNxHD which I both really enjoyed working with. SO the big question: Is there ANY way to directly render out a video compressed with Gopro Cineform codec, if I am running Windows and R19? I believe that the AVI container does support this(?), but I have tried installing the Cineform codec with no luck. Is there ANY other way to render a decent video codec on Windows 10? I will happily use Quicktime Animation - anything better than AVI IYUV will do. Beggars can't be choosers, and I'm going begging. Perhaps I need to manually dive into the "standard" AVI compressors that come stock with Windows 10 and add in my own ones. Is this even possible? I am desperate - will install 3rd party plugins if necessary (yes, it's that bad) Thanking you in advance, Fabian.

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