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  1. Thanks for your help. I tried it like you said. Set up a sky with a studio-hdr, created a material like @Cerbera said and rendered it in physical with 5% Shading Error Threshold. This is my results: with these settings: This is the crystal with the smudge-layer only: What am I doing wrong here? Wrong HDRi?
  2. Hey guys, how would you light a crystal like this in standard/physical renderer? I tried it myself and played with a 3 point-lightning and with the specular-channel on the material of the crystal but my attempts are not even close to "themutoff"s crystal. He/She wrote that they used Octane for this but I'm pretty sure it's doable in standard/physical but I don't get the correct lightning for this :( Could you help me with this?
  3. hey, how would you do "procedural scratches" inside this system? I tried it myself but it seems more advanced than I thought of.



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