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  1. Hello, Can any one tell me how to obtain particle position data from X Particles particles? I want to map a particular particles data to a follow camera, and the like. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I have this basic project where a cloth object is on the face of an object, which is a logo of sorts. Is there a way to edit the logo object so that the sharp angle at the bottom can straighten out and follow the cloth more naturally? In the project file, the object of interest is Cap 1. Project file is attached. Thanks!!! GustDrums_G Cloth.c4d
  3. Is there a way to do this but instead having the camera follow a particle, preferably one (or a set) generated in X Particles?
  4. Hi, I'm somewhat new to C4D and I'm having some difficulty with object coordinates. I have a cloth object (plane) and it is being blown away by the wind. I want the camera to follow the object as it's being blown around the "world." Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance!



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