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  1. Thanks for the reply! How can we fix this? Is there a way to keep the index number from changing? Please advise?
  2. Actually if you look at my setup, I am using the cloner amount to drive the number of fractures. The number of fractures are fixed. It is random but at same time it is not random. It starts of okay. But the colours keep changing and shifting. It is nothing to do with random colours. If even if I turn it of and enable the colourization of the fractures, it is still the same.
  3. Is there anyone to help me? No experts in this forum on my issue above? Thank you and appreciate it.
  4. Hello Experts, After looking at various tutorials online, I have manage to create something using voronoi fracture. It is not perfect or close to my example but it is somewhat close. But I am experience 1 major problem. I can't seem to get rid of the colour flicker or shift. Some of the fractures are keep shifting colours. How can I fix this? I tried to poke and play around with various settings, but I can't solve it. I have attached my working file. Please help. Thank you. Really appreciate it! P/S: Mods could you move this thread to the Voronoi Fracture. I totally missed the forum section. Apologies. Thank you. VF_Help.c4d
  5. I have updated my post with a gif image easier viewing. Thanks for the reply. Hope someone with knowledge in this can help. Thank you!
  6. That is strange, it works fine on my safari. Are you able to download the video by pressing the 3 dots?
  7. Hello C4D experts! I need some help in re-creating this Recrystallization animation. How can I achieve this? I understand that I need to use voronoi fracture. I can't seem to figure out the exact setup. Would appreciate if anyone provide some help. Thank you and appreciate it! Recrystallization.mp4
  8. @teknow Thank you for the reply and sharing your animations. I believe I manage to figure out how to use Matrix and use Cloner in Object Mode. Will seek your assistance if I need help! Thank very much! :)
  9. @teknow That will be great! Appreciate it! Looking forward! I am currently doing some medical and scientific modelling for education. Amazing video and animation. Yes, absolutely, C4D is amazing when doing such animations.
  10. @teknow Thank you for your reply and sample files! Really appreciate it! I will try to follow your steps. Will get back to you tomorrow if I hit any roadblock. Thank you, again.
  11. Hello, I am trying to model DNA with specific details. I manage to rig the DNA up. But due to the twist deformer, the middle "strains bridges" are deformed. How can I twist the DNA helix structure with the "strains bridges" without deforming the "strains bridges"? Or is there another way to do this? Please advice. :) Thank you. DNA.c4d
  12. Thank you very much! @deck , @Vertex Helix , @natevplas Let me test and play around the options that you have provided. If I bump into any hurdles, will get back to you guys. Thank you again.
  13. Hello, I am trying to model this? The molecules need to be in a helix structure. How can I dynamically model this in C4D? Which I have no idea. I understand that cloner could be the key to achieving this. But I am really not sure how to achieve this as I need to control the colour of individual sets of spheres with a different colour. Cylinders need to be linked to different spheres. Very much similar to this image. I am also trying to achieve a similar helix structure. The helix curve needs to be uniform. But I can't seem to get it right. Would appreciate if someone could advise and shine a light on how can I accomplish this. Thank you very much. Helix Test.c4d Mol Helix.c4d
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