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  1. @teknow Thank you for the reply and sharing your animations. I believe I manage to figure out how to use Matrix and use Cloner in Object Mode. Will seek your assistance if I need help! Thank very much! :)
  2. @teknow That will be great! Appreciate it! Looking forward! I am currently doing some medical and scientific modelling for education. Amazing video and animation. Yes, absolutely, C4D is amazing when doing such animations.
  3. @teknow Thank you for your reply and sample files! Really appreciate it! I will try to follow your steps. Will get back to you tomorrow if I hit any roadblock. Thank you, again.
  4. Hello, I am trying to model DNA with specific details. I manage to rig the DNA up. But due to the twist deformer, the middle "strains bridges" are deformed. How can I twist the DNA helix structure with the "strains bridges" without deforming the "strains bridges"? Or is there another way to do this? Please advice. :) Thank you. DNA.c4d
  5. Thank you very much! @deck , @Vertex Helix , @natevplas Let me test and play around the options that you have provided. If I bump into any hurdles, will get back to you guys. Thank you again.
  6. Hello, I am trying to model this? The molecules need to be in a helix structure. How can I dynamically model this in C4D? Which I have no idea. I understand that cloner could be the key to achieving this. But I am really not sure how to achieve this as I need to control the colour of individual sets of spheres with a different colour. Cylinders need to be linked to different spheres. Very much similar to this image. I am also trying to achieve a similar helix structure. The helix curve needs to be uniform. But I can't seem to get it right. Would appreciate if someone could advise and shine a light on how can I accomplish this. Thank you very much. Helix Test.c4d Mol Helix.c4d

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