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  1. Thanks Lonchaney, also managed to loop it by duplicating the spline and connect them again. The results with this workaround are time intense in production if you think of a sceleton with 100 joints which need a align tag on every joint and also really glitchy. Really hoping for another solution. Sadly they also dont support obj sequence.
  2. I found a way with ik + align to spline on each joint. Its not elegant but a workaround. Youre also not able to loop it beacause you give each joint an oncounting starting position starting at 0% on the Spline and are just able to count to 100% with no option to offset :( Is this allready the whole potential of this solution - what do you think? IK + Align to Spline each.c4d
  3. Thanks alot for your hints. As Lonchaney mentiont the AR Programm (Spark AR) somehow dont like PLA - unfortunately thats the reason the solution of Hrvoje dont work. I gave the PSR animation with the pose morph tag a try. PSR in general works with Spark AR (e.g. if you spin a cube) - but for morphing the snake in its different states on the spline only works with activating points on top of PSR in the tag and than its the same result as the PLA -> Spark AR dont like it. Did i missed something here?
  4. Hi Guys, for an AR project i want to display an animated snake on a Face that follows a exact Spline like an offset. Usually i would set it up with the Spline Wickler Deformer. Thats also exactly the look i am aiming for (file attached). Problem: But unfortunately the AR programm only alows Collada (.dae) and Filmbox (.fbx) import. Baking (also pointcache) just won’t work, as Collada does not support PLA, only Position, Rotation, and Scale of an object . In .fbx this workflow also dont include the animation. So i figured out that i need to Re create the deformation with joints and then export as .fbx - This works fine in the AR enviroment. But now i need to find a way to recreate the Spline Wickler look with joints. Any Ideas how to achieve that? Or is there an other workflow through caching/baking/plugin and exporting? So far I tried this: Ik dynamics + allign to spline: (file attached) but only the first joint follows the spline and the rest of the snake body is way to random than. I would need more or all joints to follow the spline. Ik dynamics + freehand animation: also to random and hard to achieve the look of the spline wickler snake effect. Ik spline: (file attached) is the closest to spline wickler but static - i could not figure out how to move the joints anlong the spline like an offset. Snake Head SplineWickler.c4d ik dynamics+align to spline.c4d Snake ik spline.c4d
  5. Im looking for the same Workflow. Was digging for a while now but unfortunately all shared working files are allready dead. Heres one thread where they figured it out through xpresso:
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