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About Me

I'm a digital media designer.  I've had experience in graphic design, UX design, website creation, testing and development.  I'm also handy behind a camera and building a PC from scratch wouldn't phase me.  3D design is something I've dabbled with and always enjoyed, but buying into C4D is my first serious step to taking my interest further.  I'm a superuser who prefers shortcuts and automation rather then taking the long way around.


After getting my qualifications in college in Graphic Design, I started work for a local food manufacturer, showcasing food and beverage products with imagery and videos, and designing marketing literature.  I created a new brand for a new range we launched and also worked with external developers to create a new e-commerce website.


I currently work for a manufacturer of security products, where I use my video and photography skills to showcase products, demonstrations, tutorials and more.  I'm learning Cinema 4D to help me take my video skills a step further.





Software - Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After FX, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Prelude, Adobe Indesign, Blender, Sketchup, Solidworks Visualize.  I'm also a Windows superuser with experience from XP to 10.


Languages - Javascript, HTML, PHP, CSS


Development - Cinema 4D, AR, and UX design and visualization


Interested in - Digital media creation from 2D to 6D.  Love AR and VR, and immersive technologies that allow people to interact with their environments simultaneously with technology.

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