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  1. Doesn't work for me? I have R20, and get an error that this file is too old and can't be read except by an older version, see below. Is anyone able to convert this for me? --------------------------- CINEMA 4D Visualize --------------------------- The file: (...)\Design\metalcollection\metalcollection\metalcollection.c4d is too old and cannot be read. It was created with Cinema 4D R11.5 or older. You can still convert it with any Cinema 4D version up to R19. ---------------------------
  2. Because I work a lot with Adobe Creative Cloud, I had found this tutorial below and was trying to follow it because After Effects has a C4D lite version that comes with it. I've gone through it and all working fine, but the tutorial never says how the person rendered their final video. I've followed their workflow pretty exactly, so I'm guessing there is a reason they worked this way? Sorry, should have said this before I guess. I'll always have the Lite version, so like to work out how I can do this - can't export directly from Lite version. https://helpx.adobe.com/uk/after-effects/how-to/insert-objects-after-effects.html
  3. OK, I'm a noob with C4D, I've gone through a bunch of tutorials, and have got more to go, but don't have any experience. I'm working on a project, where I've tracked footage in Adobe After FX, added a cube in C4D (Lite) then pulled the C4D file back to AFX. The camera is panning around the object. What I don't know is how do I render the footage, so I get a lifelike metal cube? I've set up the material as best I can, but can't get the same effect in render as in After FX. Do I export from C4D lite, and then import to AFX? Or does AFX have it's own exporter that renders C4D objects correctly? Here's a rendered view in C4D This is the item in After FX. Basically shows the C4D preview, no detail. I tried a basic After FX render, and I get the same detail as above, I don't get the proper C4D render. Really appreciate any help I can get. PS: I'd also love to work out how to make the object show a shadow on the wood below.



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