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  1. Thanks but that wasn't the problem. We found a work around. So for people who might need the same: - The texture has a ppRGB colorspace. - When you assign this texture to a material but the color space to sRGB (so not embedded) - Render the image out also with an sRGB color profile. - In Photoshop open up the image and go to edit -> Assign Profile -> ProPhotoRGB. That did the trick for us!
  2. Hi all! Last year I switched from modo to cinema 4D for rendering. So I'm still searching around sometimes. Normally I do a lot of work for digital purposes. But now I'm working on some renders for print. My question is about the color profiles. The client delivered a texture with the ProPhoto RGB color profile. When I render this, with the render color profile and save color profile set to ProPhoto RGB, I still get a very different color between what's delivered and the render result. It looks like it's still using SRGB. Does anyone have some experience with this color profile? Is it even possible to work with ProPhoto RGB in C4D? Thanks!

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