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  1. moreover, it really makes use of the GPU. The only place Vray works as fine as RS is in sketchup with the latest Vray version as I recently noticed. But modeling in skp is a nightmare.... I have no clue why chaosgroup did not work over the IPR to the same extent in C4D, other than there are more users on sketchup? a pity...This is why I migrated to RS!
  2. Hi guys, I just started with RS for a few pro works and it is very fast, especially preview in realtime for your materials and light. Render time is halved. (2k rendered scenes in 12 mins instead of 1 hour! a shop model with 32 area lights on the ceiling) I have a 8086 intel @4.5ghz/ 32 gb ram + 2 x 1070 ti's. I used Vray a few years and do get back to it when I have more materials I need that are already Vray and the scene is simple. Vray renders the light more nicely, I think it's the physical GI that is better and has more shades/hues. Increasing bounces in RS doesn't make a big difference I think. But I have only been on RS a few month so it can be fine tuned still.
  3. a sharper user interface (crips text and windows) for the menus, for people like me working seriously on a 32" screen with windows 10. A more fluid handling of the models too please. :)
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