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  1. all is set, turned out firewalls and internet connexion to avoid conflicts. Render is super slow. 14min. vs 5:20 min on a single unit for a 2K still. any clues? RS plugin version is 3.0.15 actually which should team render.
  2. thank you al, I'll investigate, apparently the IP 4/6 lines are not active. OS is XP 10 both sides, there are no other devices inbetween on the cable
  3. Hi guys/girls, I am trying to set up a teamrender with my laptop connected to my desktop. All machines have network setting ready for sharing/discovering files on a shared public network. I work at home in a small building so not much happening in terms of security here. The machine are connected by an ethernet cable and are recent machines (Asus A370 prime MB and Asus Rog strix scar II laptop) with Realtek PCIe GbE Family Controller type. I have a common sharepoint called "WORKGROUP" like it is suggested by windows (xp pro). The C4d versions are both 20.59 with same redshift plugings in V 3.012 The desktop sees the laptop but not the other way around (looking at menu / teamrender machines). the laptop is shown greyed in the machines list. My network connections allows Ipv4 and Ipv6. anything else I have missed out? is there a topic here where those discussions already took place and I could search? Thank you! Martin.
  4. moreover, it really makes use of the GPU. The only place Vray works as fine as RS is in sketchup with the latest Vray version as I recently noticed. But modeling in skp is a nightmare.... I have no clue why chaosgroup did not work over the IPR to the same extent in C4D, other than there are more users on sketchup? a pity...This is why I migrated to RS!
  5. Hi guys, I just started with RS for a few pro works and it is very fast, especially preview in realtime for your materials and light. Render time is halved. (2k rendered scenes in 12 mins instead of 1 hour! a shop model with 32 area lights on the ceiling) I have a 8086 intel @4.5ghz/ 32 gb ram + 2 x 1070 ti's. I used Vray a few years and do get back to it when I have more materials I need that are already Vray and the scene is simple. Vray renders the light more nicely, I think it's the physical GI that is better and has more shades/hues. Increasing bounces in RS doesn't make a big difference I think. But I have only been on RS a few month so it can be fine tuned still.
  6. a sharper user interface (crips text and windows) for the menus, for people like me working seriously on a 32" screen with windows 10. A more fluid handling of the models too please. :)
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