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  1. ok sooo got the first bit right but how the hek do I make the second bit?... I'm doing all this free style no books no tuts just me. Any help much appreciated.. sorry I keep asking
  2. Thank you so much cerbera I will have a go at the weekend.
  3. Hi; I'm trying to model a computer mouse and I'm trying to create the transitions between the different parts of the mouse i.e. on the picture shown its those little indents where the plastic on the mouse changes colour. I tried selecting edges and using bevel but I get bad results as in the last image... But it seems the way to go maybe Anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  4. Hi; What's the highest release of c4d for a 32bit computer? Thanks
  5. dayone

    dark objects

    cool guys thank you
  6. HI; When I select an object they are so dark how would I make them lighter? I know how to change the environment from dark to light but not the objects. Thanks
  7. dayone

    size issue

    Hi; One of these tubes fits inside the other one... How do I keep the selected polys the same size when I scale down one of the tubes?
  8. dayone

    copy object

    Hi; how do you make a copy of an object in c4d Thanks
  9. Hi; Anyone know how I can make a perfect round hole exactly where this poly is without using boole? Thanks.
  10. dayone

    Axis Problem

    ok need more time for this but Thank you
  11. dayone

    Axis Problem

    L does not work for some reason(it works on my keyboard) and how do I get both of those buttons selected at the same time?
  12. dayone

    Axis Problem

    version 12... I'm trying to select both tools at the same time as shown in picture.

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