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  1. Hello, I've been following various tutorials on UV Mapping and I wanted to know if this approach to UV Mapping is a correct approach or if I am completely off/overcomplicating it? I first divided my model into several saved selections. Then with each selection, I UV mapped it. I used the Frontal Projection and then I used the Relax UV option. So far I've completed half of my model using this approach. I've heard how difficult/tiresome UV mapping can be, that is why I wanted to inquire about the approach I am taking. The tutorial I followed (youtube) showed the method I am using. I apologize if I am not using terminology correctly. (I plan to take the UVs into Substance Painter or photoshop afterwards) Here is a link to my C4D file. I've also attached an image of the UV Map that I've constructed so far. Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
  2. Thank you so much! I thought it must be something in one of the simulation tags. Thank you for pointing out where I needed to look :D
  3. Hello, I created a model with a skeleton like structure around a sphere. I have made the skeleton into a collider body and the sphere into a soft body, using the simulation tags. I animated the sphere increasing it in size, so it can be pushed through the holes of the skeleton. I followed multiple tutorials about soft body tags, trying to get this effect, but I must be missing something because the sphere does not come into contact with the skeleton structure at all. Also when in render view, the sphere does not seem to respond to the collider tag of the skeleton object. I attached an image of the effect I am looking for and here is a link to download my file (link) and I would appreciate any direction on what I am missing. Thank you in advance to any feedback given.
  4. Thank you so much. You both helped clear my confusion. I now can confidently leave FBX alone and focus on exporting as Alembic. I spent way too much time trying to figure out how to export FBX, when alembic is definitely the export form I should be utilizing. I also appreciate the explanation of why FBX is not the best option to use in this case, which helped clear most of the confusion I was facing.
  5. Hello, I've researched about Baking animation for FBX export and I created a basic file with the type of animation I would want to export as FBX, but I must be missing a step in the baking process. I looked into Xpresso and how people use that to keyframe cloner animation, but since I am using displacer on my cloner object, do I need to follow a different workflow? I have tried baking my objects, but the animation still won't come through when exported as FBX. I attached the file. Any guidance is appreciated and Thank you in advance. AnimationTestObject.c4d
  6. Thank you for the feedback. I'll try to reset my export settings and see if everything is working
  7. I've been trying to export my C4d animation as fbx, but the animation is not coming through. (I've been uploading to Sketchfab to see if the animation is coming through.) I tried to bake the animation, but I seem to be missing a step? I tried to upload my file size compressed, but its 2MB. So if its okay, I have this google drive link to the compressed file : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zXUWfyx9eCqJB_Q9Ph9Uh8BFn5Ao22m4/view?usp=sharing I would appreciate any feedback on how I should be improving my workflow process to avoid these problems. I have tried researching different methods, but have found little success. Thank you in advance.



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