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  1. Good to keep in mind. I appreciate that, Jed
  2. Hi Jed, Thanks so much, This is WAY easier than what I was starting to research. I was thinking I had to do a Distance node mapped to a Range Mapping and then connect that to a visibility tag. Your way is far superior. Thanks again!
  3. Hi, Thanks for taking a look. I have a hydraulic piston moving up and down. I want my Arrow Tool to show a Down facing arrow when the piston goes down and an Up arrow when the piston goes up. In Xpresso, what nodes will I want in order to switch between the two Arrow Tools? Thanks
  4. Hello C4D Cafe Forum, I have a human character geometry that I need unwrapped and a skin created from this unwrapped material. I could watch more tutorials and struggle with it myself, but I would prefer to do this faster and right by working with a pro. Message me if you have experience working with a human model and can help me create an image that fits onto this. Thanks
  5. I am trying to build an inverted rig where the legs push up against the floor to vertically rotate the hips. In the IK rigs and Joint rigs that I am seeing, the legs are parented to the pelvis. How do I reverse this? Thanks
  6. Hello, I have a project that I need to consult with a character animator who is an expert in Cmotion as well as Xpresso. If you could send me your rates and share any relevant background, I would love to chat more via Skype. Bonus points if you reside in the United States as a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required to be signed. Thanks, Scott

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