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  1. I have a mixamo rig that I've applied an IK to. I've got a cylinder attached to the hands via a spring. When I manually rotate the IK rig, the cylinder flies. That's good, but I want the cylinder's movement to be imparted to the rig so that the arms bend. How is this possible? I thought about the geometry that I have placed in the rig becoming rigid bodies... then realized that wouldn't matter because they are parented to the Mixamo joints. Dynamics are currently enabled on the IK tag for the rig. Any help would be appreciated. Scene file attached. Gravity might be se
  2. Wow, Jed. This is phenomenal. Totally awesome. I have never considered the Negate node before and am going to have to spend some time wrapping around what is going on here. Thanks for assembling that and sending it over. Totally cool
  3. I have a project that I am working on for the next three months and need an Xpresso consultant to save me time. One issue that I am having now is linking an object's color value to the rotation change of another object. If this is within your area of expertise, let me know your rate per Xpresso solution. Thanks
  4. I have a Mixamo animation of a walking cycle and I have an object that I want to change colors based on the rotation value of the hips. ie- object turns blue when left foot is planted and red when right foot planted. I was using this video as a base, but don't know how to use a change of rotation value to trigger material value change. How do I link a delta in rotation to trigger material value? Thanks
  5. Hi Hrvoje, I like your idea of the receiver rig. Would you use an inheritance tag to transfer the ragdoll data to the rig? What nodes would you recommend using in Xpresso to mix behaviors?
  6. What was the solution? I am running into the same issue
  7. Hi Jed, Thanks so much, This is WAY easier than what I was starting to research. I was thinking I had to do a Distance node mapped to a Range Mapping and then connect that to a visibility tag. Your way is far superior. Thanks again!
  8. Hi, Thanks for taking a look. I have a hydraulic piston moving up and down. I want my Arrow Tool to show a Down facing arrow when the piston goes down and an Up arrow when the piston goes up. In Xpresso, what nodes will I want in order to switch between the two Arrow Tools? Thanks
  9. Hello C4D Cafe Forum, I have a human character geometry that I need unwrapped and a skin created from this unwrapped material. I could watch more tutorials and struggle with it myself, but I would prefer to do this faster and right by working with a pro. Message me if you have experience working with a human model and can help me create an image that fits onto this. Thanks
  10. I am trying to build an inverted rig where the legs push up against the floor to vertically rotate the hips. In the IK rigs and Joint rigs that I am seeing, the legs are parented to the pelvis. How do I reverse this? Thanks
  11. Hello, I have a project that I need to consult with a character animator who is an expert in Cmotion as well as Xpresso. If you could send me your rates and share any relevant background, I would love to chat more via Skype. Bonus points if you reside in the United States as a Non-Disclosure Agreement will be required to be signed. Thanks, Scott
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