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  1. Hello - i purchased a 3d model from an online store in an .obj format - the problem is when i import the .obj a lot of the layers and textures are causing the model to not be visible in my renderer(octane). any ideas?
  2. hello, i'm looking to hire someone to build a similar rigged model like this for me, including the cloth mesh please ping me if you're able to do so and your prices
  3. i am hoping to find ways to reduce the polygon count of a cloth mesh efficiently, here's my situation: i have a cloth mesh on a model that is at an extremely high polygon count (800k). i tried using the polygon reduction tool (see screenshot) but i'm getting really bad breakage at the seams. any suggestions on what to do to fix this?
  4. i have a shroud clothing object previously consisting of multiple pieces (of the shroud clothing) that i merged via Connect Objects and Delete. When i added the cloth tag and added some wind strength, the cloth seemed to separate(see screenshot), it appears that the pieces of clothing that were previously merged together are not connected (or glued together) correctly. What can i do to ensure that the object acts as one connected piece of clothing so that wind will not separate each piece apart?
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