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  1. WOW thank you SOOOO MUCH!! This way i now know how to set it up and animate it :-) I now use GSG Signal to have it animated IF there is sound :-)) THANK YOU GUYS
  2. ok great thanks a lot i will study it :-)
  3. Thank you so much for this.. however i was hoping if there would be any small or short tut that shows how you did it? I can not open or render the file since there are missing tex or other attributes
  4. Hi everybody... Does anybody know how i can animate certain areas on a 3D model to get this effect as seen on the attached GIF.. Some told me to use "animated noise, but i am not sure how or where to start... I did not find any tutorials yet. Thanks in advanced for some feedback.
  5. Is there a tutorial for this kind of project?

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