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  1. Been working at this for a while and can't figure out a solution. I have a cloned set of stacked rings and I want them to scale from their bottommost point and remain at the top of the previous ring. Is there a procedural way of doing this? As you see in the file each ring overlaps more and more with the one below it. I don't want any intersection but instead have each one perfectly stacked on the one before it while increasing in scale. Any ideas without using complex xpresso? cacti.c4d
  2. Thank you. He is using a polygon reduction deformer though. I was wondering how he accomplished it using that. I think he did it that way because the hierarchy matters, not sure though.
  3. Yes, I could do that, but still, I don't see a way to get such perfect looking triangles as he did. I also wanted to replicate exactly how he did it.
  4. I can't figure out how the guy in this tutorial created such perfect looking triangle polygons. He doesn't mention how to do it. My setup looks the same as is but can't seem to get it right.
  5. Wow cool thanks you! Also by mistake learned that holding option (on Mac) and clicking will select the invert. So good. Thanks.
  6. I see selection tools for filling a selection and Outline Selection, but is there way to go from an edge or polygon selection to point selection?
  7. If you see in the image, they are already within nulls. That is not the issue. I have tried everything I know to try to rotate this thing and the issue arises every time.
  8. For the life of me, I cannot rotate this group of objects 180 degrees without the group leaning to one side. It has an IK rig and the tutorial I'm watching he quickly rotates it around with no trouble. PROBLEM_IK.c4d
  9. Sorry, not sure that you understand the issue. It's not about the size of the falloff, it's about the shape. But I did just learn that you can create custom fall-offs using grayscale.
  10. Thank you so much for this. Learned some good stuff. The only problem is animating the falloff. On a twisty, meandering path, like a river, the falloff will affect other parts of the river. As it moves along revealing what's in front of it it will also hide again parts of the river surrounding it. I hope that makes sense. It would have to reveal parts of the river and keep them revealed regardless where the falloff is animated.
  11. I've made a MoGraph selection on these panels (Panel Cloner) and I applied the red texture but it is not appearing. Am I using this correctly? I dragged my selection (MoGraph Selection) to the red Selection attribute but when I do I even lose the previous white texture and no red shows up on my selected panels.
  12. I have a Voronoi Fracture breaking apart a shape. When it breaks apart I'm trying to animate the "Point Amount" so that the pieces gradually break apart smaller and smaller after the initial break. For some reason, this "Point Amount" attribute will not allow me to animate it. It will stay fixed once I play the animation. Is there a way to achieve this affect?
  13. Wow, thanks! I was using the transform to try to get the effect, the only difference in my project was that I did not have "Align Clone" checked. So awesome, appreciate you so much.
  14. I’m trying to get these cloned panels to lay flat against a curved surface. The cloner is using a spline to distribute these. How do I get their rotation to be relative to the spline and not absolute?
  15. I have a range of numbers (0 - 14) and I need to get an output that is it’s reverse number, so 0 would be 14, 1 would be 13. I found a formula for this Here, but I don’t know how to use this in the formula node in Xpresso. Any help would be awesome!
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