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  1. Thanks for sharing! Does someone know if VNC (and derivates like UltraVNC) work fine? That said I do not have any trouble checking on render nodes via remote desktop (win10). But clearly they do not have a 3D view...
  2. Thanks for your feedback. That was somewhat helpful. "in most cases you´ll want to use the layer mask..." I´ll go for that and see what it brings. ..
  3. Ok. Got a workaround: Dont use RGBA multipass layer for beautypass but "blend layers" and everything works as expected... Hope this might help someone in the future...
  4. I did additional renders in 8bit (upper screenshot) and in 32bit (below) and I think that render manager maybe renders/saves the rgba pass always in 8 bit for some reason... Left picture in all screenshots is rendered from "render manager", right rendered via "picture manager"
  5. Hi there I render a lot via render manager since team render server is a too stupid to save into the path given in render settings (and I often need to rerender vast amounts of image sequences and copy them from c4d server in the corresponding premiere pro footage folders over and over again. Now for the problem: My current project contains bright lit objects on dark ground. To avoid banding in post I save the multipass in 16bit psd files. Now I get this massive banding/color loss when opening the psd in Photoshop. I searched high and low for linear color space display problems in photoshop. But in the end it turned out that the picture in fact is corrupt. Here´s what I did Render the scene two times (saving as 16bit Multipass psd): 1) in picture Manager 2) via render manager open in photoshop and measure with eyedropper set to 1pix radius on identical spots in the two images values differ massively (see attached screenshot) Does anybody know about that? Any advice other than "dont use render manager"? Cheers Rembert
  6. Hi there It seems like a Dummy question still I dunnot fully understand what difference there is between using the Specular Strength/Layer Col/Mask parameter to tweak a reflectance´s layer "impact" (at least when the reflection is uncolored). I can see some difference in lightness when using spec strength but Layer Col and Mask seem to work identically. Can anyone shed some light? I need some practical advise like "coated layer´s reflections should be modulated with SpecStrenght/LayerCol/Mask in contrast to... because..." In this thread over in Substance Forum they advise to use the "strenght" defining textures in layer color... Sample Pics: left Texture in Specular Strength; mid Tex in Layer Color; right Tex in Mask Channel Cheers Rembert
  7. I figured that something like the following would do the trick (testscene with only one mat and bitmap in col chanel). I do get an update of the material\color shader. Only the bitmap itself does not reload (other than the post on plugincafe stated). Any thoughts on this? import c4d mat = doc.GetFirstMaterial() shd = mat[c4d.MATERIAL_COLOR_SHADER] shd.Message(c4d.MSG_UPDATE) mat.Update(True, True) c4d.EventAdd()
  8. Thanks for your response. I am confused that this should not work. I thought of something like constantly clicking "refresh texture" only X times per second via python script. The workarounds you mentioned don't seem to work for me... Cheers Rembert
  9. Hi all I want to have a given texture (lets say "HDRI_env.exr") to be updated every x seconds. Ideally this refresh would take the texture of the objects tex-tag that the python tag is attached to. Also update should happen when c4d is noch the focused application. What I try to accomplish: modifying/painting a hdr image and seeing results in c4d on the fly (much like HDR Light Studio does it). I did a little research but I am not quite sure where to start. Any thought highly welcome... Cheers Rogurt
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