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  1. Lol Sorry for that, Nate. Weird mistake. Anyway, thanks again for the feedback and the input on Corona.
  2. Thank Café Regular, I didn't know about Corona and it looks promising. All the best, António
  3. Hello, There are no updates of NVIDIA's CUDA driver for macOS Mojave, which means renderers such as Redshift and Octane aren't available for Mojave users. What are the best renderers that are available for Mojave? Looking around online, the best I could find is Arnold but it's pricy. Are there any other good alternatives you know of? Any hints and suggestions on this issue would be great. All the best, António
  4. Thank you both, I'll definitely check those out.
  5. Hello everyone, Would you guys know of any good reference work, books or tutorials, on what is possible to do with C4D in AE ,and vice versa? Browsing, I've found some basic stuff, but I'd like to go deeper, as deep as I can, on the subject. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated. All the best, António
  6. My issue, my mistake was actually quite simple, I had in the Probe Properties menu of the Sound Effector the Sampling in Peak-mode rather than Step-mode which made it behave like a Waveform, that’s it. Solved.
  7. Hello, Is it possible to make Cinema 4D's Sound Effector output Audio spectra through Fast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) instead of Waveforms? Can it be done? Mathematically it is quite straightforward, but I'm wondering if it can be done in C4D, while keeping all the functionality of the Sound Effector. Any input on this issue, would be greatly appreciated. All the best, António
  8. Thank you all for the input, the feedback and the tools you proposed, they're great. It helped a lot. Olá João, I have rather broad, long-term (and quite possibly utopian, unmatchable) goals and more realistic short-term ones. As I'm only getting into this now, I'm trying to see how far I can go in representing Music in C4D, meaning musical information from both midi and sound sources, in a precise and wholesome form. All the best, António
  9. Hello, What possibilities and limitations are there for working with Midi (be it Midi files or even live Midi input) in C4D? Is it possible to work with Midi files in C4D like it is with Sound files? This would be absolutely perfect for my work. Any advice or insight on these issues, and Midi in C4D generally, would be greatly appreciated. Best regards, António
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