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  1. Thank you bro!!!! Dynamics body state it is it!!! I'll post result when I'll finish.
  2. Each clone has Index in MoGraph. I just want to get it! How??? )
  3. I know it is easy. Finally I converted clones as separate groups with Xpresso and random seed as unique group position. But i want powerful of interaction MoGraph and Xpresso.
  4. No way. I need to do it with random. I want to know how can I get id of clone. I know all ways with effectors but it isn't this way.
  5. Thanks! I know this way ))) But I need randomise Y-scale each objects it that group. I'll be more precisely I need realise stock candles. Do you understand me? Each candle has 3 random data. candle.c4d
  6. Hello! I have a task with MoGraph and Xpresso. I have a group with 3 different objects, all of them connected within Xpresso. I get random height value for them. But when I put it in MoGraph cloner it look same. I need have different random seed for each clones via Xpresso. I think I need to get clone id or index in Xpresso. How can I get it as result? P.S. It works after convert Cloner with "C" key. All clones become separate groupsand each of them has different random parameters. But I need decide this task without convert Cloner. XpressoMoGraph.c4d.zip
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