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  1. or even easier, just with luminance channels and one wide key light different 2.c4d
  2. you can work around the issue with some tweaking. see different.zip some workkaround steps: - adjust GI Gamma, so lighting is more smooth - blend of luminance and color channel, to decreae shadows - adjusting of Matrerial : Illumination : GI Receive and GI throw settings + Saturation option - adjusting of Material : Color Channel : Texture : Exposure Of course the best solution would be a low poly reconstruction of the set + a Set HDR or at least some kind of Panorama different.zip
  3. the GI lighting in your scene multiplies over the background compositing. the planes become visible, because the GI shadow is visible on them. the question is what do you want to achieve? shall the walls emit light on the object? shall the object throw shadow on the environment? This image shows the shadows:



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