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  1. Oh wow, that looks great. I can go into that file and take a look at what's going on! Thanks
  2. Okay great! I'll make a start now and see how it goes. Thanks CBR
  3. Thanks, guys. @Cerbera I should have clarified — This is just for a still shot. I understand everything up to the displacement materials. Once the main forms sorted, we then throw a material and add displacement with a noise? What are the overhangs? I'm also using Octane render so can definitely add in some fog! Good points on the lighting too.
  4. Hey all, I'm wanting to recreate these Slot Canyons and I'm not too sure how to start. I'm also looking to have it look as real as possible too. How would you guys go about it? Thank you!
  5. Hey @Cerbera, Sorry for the delay in response — I've had some time off recently. Anyway, thank you once again for your thorough explanations! I agree, it definitely looks like quite an elaborate process for hero plants. The only experience I have with UV's are with Substance Painter. Besides that, I would really need some help. I might have to take you up on that 2 hour skype session to really get into it!
  6. A massive thanks for the instructions here @Cerbera! With the texture, I'm definitely looking to go for realism. How do I prepare this?
  7. Hey @Cerbera Thanks so much for taking the time to put that together and breaking down the process. To be honest, this actually sounds quite difficult. I would have no idea how to even begin to model a fern leaf. I'm definitely keen to learn though. Where you mention to model with "polygons, using symmetry and bend deformers / cloning where you can, and group displacement in world mode, so that each leaf gets crumpled differently even if it's the same model.." This is a process I'm not sure of. The god rays and the water caustics definitely sounds good! It would be greatly appreciated if you could show how to model the fern ect... I'm def more of a visual learner.
  8. Hey team, I'm looking to create something similar to the image attached but I have no idea where to start when it comes to something like this. How would you go about it if you had to re-create this image? Thanks
  9. Hey, @Rectro Thanks for all your help on this one, mate. Looks great!
  10. @Rectro Thank you so much! That would be incredible!
  11. @Rectro Wow! Thanks so much for this! Such a massive help. How did you model that Bud part too? It looks exactly like it? Even the texture!
  12. Hey everyone, I have to model this Eucalyptus flower and was wondering if anyone would know how to go about creating these fibrous parts that come out of the end of the buds? Thanks!
  13. Thanks guys. @natevplas thankyou very much for putting that together — Nailed it! The issue I have now is that that as I'm using Octane and the materials don't translate very well. Would you know anything about that?

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