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  1. A massive thanks for the instructions here @Cerbera! With the texture, I'm definitely looking to go for realism. How do I prepare this?
  2. Hey @Cerbera Thanks so much for taking the time to put that together and breaking down the process. To be honest, this actually sounds quite difficult. I would have no idea how to even begin to model a fern leaf. I'm definitely keen to learn though. Where you mention to model with "polygons, using symmetry and bend deformers / cloning where you can, and group displacement in world mode, so that each leaf gets crumpled differently even if it's the same model.." This is a process I'm not sure of. The god rays and the water caustics definitely sounds good! It would be greatly appreciated if you could show how to model the fern ect... I'm def more of a visual learner.
  3. Hey team, I'm looking to create something similar to the image attached but I have no idea where to start when it comes to something like this. How would you go about it if you had to re-create this image? Thanks
  4. Hey, @Rectro Thanks for all your help on this one, mate. Looks great!
  5. @Rectro Thank you so much! That would be incredible!
  6. @Rectro Wow! Thanks so much for this! Such a massive help. How did you model that Bud part too? It looks exactly like it? Even the texture!
  7. Hey everyone, I have to model this Eucalyptus flower and was wondering if anyone would know how to go about creating these fibrous parts that come out of the end of the buds? Thanks!
  8. Thanks guys. @natevplas thankyou very much for putting that together — Nailed it! The issue I have now is that that as I'm using Octane and the materials don't translate very well. Would you know anything about that?
  9. Hey, Anyone know how to create this non-specular gradient over the top of glass like this:
  10. Ah right. Okay, I'll give that a go. Cheers guys!
  11. Oh wow, that looks amazing! Thanks for that Igor
  12. Hey everyone, I'm needing to create this patchy/sporadic mossy/grass growing out of some rocks (like in the attached reference image) for a current project. Could anyone please point in the right direction on how to achieve this? Thanks for your help.
  13. Ahh… I see. Okay, will look into it. Thanks, gents.
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