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  1. I figured the project file could be a pain to work with, I have been disabling the geometry and disabling cloners to work on it.. I actually made a less heavy project to troubleshoot my render issue. Voxels 02 low poly test.c4d
  2. haha yea, The scene has 6000 cubes in it :s takes about a minute or 2 just to process the geometry, that's all done by the CPU. My specs are: Intel i7-8700K 6 core, overclocked to 4.2GHz. 64GB 2666hz ram 1X Geforce RTX2070
  3. SOLVED! Bumped up the min samples on unified samples and that fixed it. Also was able to lower the volume samples to 1024 and fix any minor noise with noise reduction. The settings that fixed it were in unified sampling. Samples Min: 256, Samples Max: 512, Volume Samples: 1024, Desnoise set to OptiX on default settings. There is some minor denoise artifacting, but not enough to worry about.
  4. Am i being too audacious with blocking too much of the light source? The sample rate of the volumetric light is set to 8000 and the render took 15 minutes for 1 frame. There is still lots of large ugly noise in the volumetric light. I checked the AOV's and all the noise is definitely in the Volume Lighting AOV. turning the Volume samples up any higher than 8000 doesn't improve the image any further, plus it just ads to the already very high render time. Is there some other setting I can tweak? notes: Only diffuse light, shadows, Volume light and Reflections are used in this render. Please let me know if any of this is not clear Cheers Voxels 02 v03.c4d
  5. render it out as separate AOV's and adjust the brightness and saturation of each layer in after effects.
  6. Thanks for your help everyone, @bezoI just out layers and it didn't speed up this project but might for other projects, So i'll keep that in mind, thanks! @Rectro Just looked into takes and looks like it would be good for isolating objects for renders, but I can't see how it can speed up the viewport. Are you able to speed up the viewport using takes?
  7. Hi, I hope I can explain this well. I'm trying to find out how to truly solo an object. I want to disable everything in the scene including all hair, calculations and simulations so I can preview a single objects animation in real time (or close to). The solo button only disables the visibility of all other objects, all the calculations are working in the background slowing down the preview speed dramatically. At the moment I am copying the object into a blank project making the adjustments and putting it back into the larger project. Is there a way to achieve this without having to do that? Cheers.
  8. not sure if it'll be much help, but here is the scene file Ocean floor v05 - ground only.c4d
  9. sorry for my lack of info. I'm using a custom shader set to noise. So I guess the question is, can I tile generative noise? please see reference images, you can see in the second image that there is no obvious tiling.
  10. Hi, Could someone please help me with tiling a displacement deformer on a plane, I'm trying to create a seamless landscape for a looping animation. Mapping to 50% doesn't do anything. I'm using a custom shader set to noise. So I guess the question is, can I tile generative noise? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have an object floating above a floor, i'm using a compositing tag so that only shadows on the floor are visible from the camera, I'm trying to adjust the lighting to see the shadows but the background of the picture viewer is black, how can I change this to another color?
  12. If you see the first image posted in this thread, you'll see a screen shot of the way the cube is meant to look. Also in the first project file i shared, I have converted the first few frames of animation to polygons. (tho this process took about 10 minutes per frame to computer) The cloner has a step effector added to it that repeats the action of the sweep nurbs with a delay so I get a moving dashed lines effect. If i put all the sweeps into 1 cloner, the animation of the sweep acts as 1 continuous path. So i need 1 cloner per sweep (as far as i know) so the sweeps animate independently of each other.
  13. After getting the animation correct again the project is once again very laggy. So I'm back to trying to work out how I can accurately convert this all of this to polygonal geometry. https://drive.google.com/open?id=18V6ipjBZFex9_sSOQthPPH8XA1rPieFU
  14. Thanks for attempting to resolve the issue :) I just checked the scene and the animation is completely different, I'll have a look into it when I have time and see what has happened. How did you reduce the project? did you use some form of automation?
  15. Thanks for your response, I did actually try baking the project in the timeline, but it messed up all the geometry. here's the project file https://drive.google.com/open?id=1kkAYfeU-10exI-mohCc2XDe7CrIslNPn

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