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  1. First frame of my soft body dynamics i get this. 3079_vumetermograph.c4d
  2. I seem to get lines through my UV. The lines seem to change when I rotate it too.
  3. Hey Guys, I was wondering why the mesh checker wasn't picking up on this modeling error. I have an N-gon here, correct? Anyways, I was wondering how reliable the mesh checker is. Thanks, Spencer
  4. Thanks. Working on it. Making progress. Two problems though. One, I cannot get the points to connect properly where the symmetry meet each other. Even with the anable axis tool, it doesn't seem to connect properly. Also, my subdivision is messed up at the end of the symmetry. Pictures provided below.
  5. Hey everybody, I'm trying to model some headphones, and thought SDS would be the way to go. First time using SDS modeling, and I'm having a lot of trouble with the top part of the headset, and the part of the headset that separates from one shape into two different paths (shown in the first picture). Any tips, videos or anything of the sort would be appreciated. Thanks, Spencer
  6. Ok. What's the best way to go about it? Copying and pasting the models into separate files. I can't upload the full file because of the file size limit, correct?
  7. From what you're saying I can already tell my scene is a mess LOL. I've really just been bullshitting my way through the scene. I'm definitely interested in a Skype session and will PM you shortly. Can't wait to topologize some girl's butts .
  8. Ok. That's pretty much why I wanted to model everything in my room. To practice and learn from my mistakes because I too agree that experience is the best way to learn. Thanks for the response.
  9. Hey yall, So I've taken on the task of trying to model everything in my room to sharpen my C4D skills. Right now I'm in the modeling phase of everything. I feel like I'm good with spline modeling, and modeling things out of shapes using the extrude tools, bevel, etc... However, I look around my room, and can't seem to fathom how to model some of the stuff, such as an xbox controller. As a self-taught person, it can be hard to find the right resources sometimes, and it can be hard to understand C4D's capabilities. My question for everybody is what other modeling techniques are impor
  10. Ok. So when I try and copy and past to a new scene, the object doesn't show up. I don't know why. But, soft interporlation is when it has the bezier curve handles on it. As shown below.
  11. Hey all, I'm trying to create smooth edges between the points on a sweeped spline, but can't seem to get it. I've tried subdivision surface, and also smoothin interpolating the points, but can't seem to get it right. Below you can see the chair I'm trying to model, and a picture of my CInema4D scene. Thanks, Spencer
  12. Yeah. Honestly, Ill probably try to model this a different way. Was just curious on this subject. Thanks.
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