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  1. Thanks. I was able to complete this part. Do you also know how to add arrows to the stage? Also, I was curious as to how I would get the holograms that lag behind shown in this video on the bottom part of the stage.
  2. Hey yall, So I want to model this from smash bros, but really have no clue how to do so. Can anybody give me some pointers/tutorials to follow to be able to model this? I'm familiar with the C4D interface and have some modeling experience. Thanks, Spencer
  3. Hey yall, I am trying to use redshift on C4D R19, but whenever I try and render through the renderviewer my C4D crashes. Any tips ? thanks
  4. Why is my graphics card no good if its Nvidia and supports CUDA, shouldnt it work ?
  5. I have a Nvidia gpu so it should support CUDA.
  6. Quick update. I actually do have a Nvidia gpu. So I should be able to use octane.
  7. I mean what other options do i have as in other renderers ?
  8. Ok. What other options do I have, and would it be expensive to get a CUDA enabled video card ?
  9. To be hknest I dont even know what CUDA menas. How di i check if my video card is CUDA enabled ?
  10. I use 2 different versions on my comps.
  11. Hey yall, First time using octane, and whenever I try to click the render button I get the error message "There is no CUDA device which is selected..." How do I fix this. I'm using C4D r19 and octane 3.07. My specs are Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.6Hz 32.0 Gb ram 64 bit operating system, x-64 based processor
  12. Ok, but is there another way to round the edges of my object without using subdivide ? That would avoid all my problems then, no?
  13. Hey yall, So I'm trying to make star sprinkles. I wanted to deform the edges of the star to add a bit variation, but when I try to do this I get this weird thing. I have the random effector set to point mode. In addition, I was curious as to if a subdivision surface is the best way to go about rounding the edges. Lastly, I want the edges of the star to be flatter than the center, but don't know how to go about this. Thanks guys



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