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  1. Great. Thanks so much. Is there a section on this forum where I can post my work for critiques?
  2. Hey yall, I'm looking for some good books to read to further my skills as an artist, and was wondering what you guys have read and would recommend. It can be anything from 3D stuff to color theory. Thanks, Spencer
  3. Hey guys, Was curious for those who use Houdini, how long into your 3d career did you start to use Houdini? I've been using C4D for about a month or 2 now, and Houdini looks so cool. I know I am no where near ready to use Houdini, but I am very anxious to start learning it. I am a very technical person, and pretty good at math so I feel like Houdini would be a great fit for me. When do you think i would be ready to start learning the program? Thanks, Spencer
  4. Hey yall, So I'm trying to add points to an existing spline, but nothing seems to work. I've checked the manual but can't figure it out. Basically, I'm trying to create a square with an X in it. I want to extrude or sweep the spline eventually to make it an object. Help would be appreciated. Thanks, Spencer
  5. Hey guys, I was curious about the workflow from C4D to photoshop. How often do you use photoshop on your renders. If not, what do you do for post-production. What do you do in photoshop? I am asking these questions because I want to do some post-production, but I don't really know what tutorials to look at to do some post. Also, in what type of situation do you use after effects vs photoshop( I would assume a still render uses photoshop and sims use after effects? Looking forward to your responses. Thanks, Spencer
  6. Ok, but in the he tutorial it renders smoothly. I traced back my steps multiple times, and did everything correct. Could it be my render settings?
  7. Hey yall, Was curious if you guys used the CameraImager tag in the Octane Render settings, such as adjusting the Exposure, Luts and so on. Could you not accomplish most of these better in programs such as photoshop anyways? Thanks, Spencer
  8. I tried following this tutorial, but whenever I get to the part where I add geometry to my Tracer object my render becomes really slow. Realflow Example.c4d
  9. Thanks. Do you use black in most cases?
  10. So, I was playing around with Light Kit pro 3 for the first time, and I realized multiple studio presets do not look the same in Octane as the previews.
  11. Also, changing the segments of my plane to 1 and 1 worked even better. I don't know why and this may come back to bite me so use at your own discretion.
  12. If anyone happens to come across this thread in the future, I fixed the exploding by setting the first keyframe of the follow poisiton parameter to 10, then the second keyframe of the same parameter to 0.
  13. Ok. It seems I have to do quite a bit more research. Thanks for the help.

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