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  1. Hi there, I'm learning C4D to make animations of neuron meshes from our lab. Unfortunately it has come to my attention that our meshes are utter sh**. Here is a raw mesh. Steps I've tried to improve them: - quadratic decimation in meshlab - smoothing in meshlab - Instant Meshes Any thoughts?
  2. Thanks! Ok we got this running and played around with exports but it is majorly deforming many of the spines. See how they have become hairlike thin tendrils? Some of them are even severed entirely. This mesh is with 10 smoothing steps and it still looks low-poly. When I try to save a smoothed version out of meshlab, the program freezes entirely. here are the mesh files in case you have any other ideas. Instant Mesh Mesh original resolution mesh
  3. Yeah unfortunately exporting .objs is sort of a hack, and a bad one at that. A ruinous mesh of triangles indeed ha. I imported the raw file into Meshlab and used quadratic edge decimation to reduce the face count by ~50% (it's 1.5M on the full model, and this model is about 1/50th of a whole neuron) so that may be contributing to the low density. But yeah generally the meshes are sh**. I will make a separate thread posting a raw .obj and asking if anyone has ideas as to how I could improve it. I'll give the Subdivide and Smooth options a go. Thank you!
  4. Hi there! I'm new to C4D and working on animations for our neuroscience lab. Today am trying to visualize potentiation, the strengthening of synapses (connections between neurons) in the brain. We have reconstructed thousands of neurons at nanoscale resolution from electron microscope images, so the model neuron I am using is a real cell and I'd like to show some of the spines, the projections sticking out, grow and shrink in size. This is only half of the synapse - they would be connected to another branch that also thickens, but I haven't gotten that far yet. I've managed this using Bulge but it deforms the stem pretty badly. Here's the project file where I tried also Subdivision Surface and Squash & Stretch, but neither really worked prob because I'm doing it wrong. Any ideas for a better way to do this? In the brain, these blobby things get larger with use and smaller/eventually shrink away when they are not used, which is how learning is represented. Here is an example animation showing the other half of the synapse that will at some point be added once I figure out how to make them get bigger/smaller :) https://youtu.be/xJIacDRaCKw?t=12 Thanks for your time! Amy
  5. Aha set to Best and that fixed it. Now the fish can swim in a fly-free bowl. Thank you so much @natevplas @Vizn
  6. Is this where you adjust it? Is it already on? That render you made looks so nice! The in-view render takes *so long* even at low resolution so I keep turning it off.
  7. I may have uploaded an older project file. Just saved and reuploaded, try this one https://drive.google.com/open?id=1OvgyuVHc4rDRpxZW9KiJQzEc_B89W2zJ Didn't see the tabs in Reflectance tab, derp! Thanks! That is set to 0 now.
  8. when I render in view, it has the dots even outside the glass bowl hmm
  9. @Vizn aha killing the fail fish fixed the tails, thank you! There looks to be no roughness or noise in the glass. I just redid the material and re-rendered and same thing. @natevplas I am using Standard render.
  10. Here is the latest version of the project file: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mz6BMD6IT6cXCFRr9wwng056KnVEBJuD It was used to produce this animation that was released for April Fools ;)
  11. I've been working on the intro to Cinema 4D video series from Cineversity. It's going well so far and I'm getting easily obsessed with C4D... but there is something weird with my render. The sand is sparkling. Any idea what is causing this static look? Here is the project file. https://drive.google.com/open?id=17gy_OatCCosxGRuu57k45vOe6y-ecTJi Also the fish in the scene look very different than the ones that render out. Scene: render: The tails change shape and they seem to lose the bulge in the body. *** mate! Thanks for the help! Amy
  12. Better but still experiencing weird changes in speed, for example at the 3-5 second mark
  13. Ok I did another test render with Uniform Intermediate points but it's still showing variable speed. Does the lighting change depending on the resolution rendered? These 600px test renders seem lit fine then the high res ones are glaring! I'll experiment with adding a light and a background too. Any thoughts on what kind of backgound might look cool this this render? Thank you! @digitvisions I just saw your note and increased the points. 500 seems to be smooth. re-rendering now.



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