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  1. sorry, didn't want to sound harsh with my critique. probably it is OK on smaller screens and in any case it's always subjected to the single persons preferences and probably my eyes are getting older as well. it is looking good, but not always latest trends in web design are good for our eyes... ;-) but i can deal with it by magnifying c4d cafe site in my browser. as for ultrathin typfaces see here https://www.google.com/search?q=typeface+ultrathin enabling default theme would be a nice try maybe! cheers markus
  2. can we control somewhere the typographic design? in my opinion, the new layout is absolutely terrible from an ergonomic point of view. reading this on a large monitor is just a pain. much too thin letters and too dark background. please provide a black type on white background version or at least a switch to go back to previous version or to set a larger tyeface, not "thin" or "ultrathin".
  3. Thanks, that's helpful. Do you know if there a script to generate text reports of how (selected) geometry is used in the scene?
  4. i'm rather new in cinema and wonder how to get better stats of used data in my projects. especially, how can i get the number of clones used by a cloner when geometry is placed on a per object base? i searched around but could not find anything. thanks for helping.

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