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  1. Does anyone have a breakdown on those ribbons? Is it made in Ae or in C4d? Anyone have good tutorial ? https://dribbble.com/shots/4558723--7-36-Days-Of-Type
  2. Hello People, im following this tutorial. Im trying to first move a object up and then let it fall down and respond to the floor with the body rigid. But for some reason once i apply the Body Rigid the moving up animations is gone? Im following the animation step by step but its not working, maybe one of my settings is wrong?
  3. Ah im sorry. Anyone got an answer to my question?
  4. Hello people, i made a scene. I have done that. In after effects the solid is no on the screen and doesnt follow the laptop in the correct way. Any solution?
  5. Hello people, Im trying to make an object drop with rigid. So far it works. But after the object has been dropped and hit the floor i would like to animate it a bit. Once i put rigid on a object keyframing is not possible anymore. Is there a way to work around this? In my case im trying to let a laptop drop. Once it has been drop i would like to open the screen.
  6. Yea im sorry being unclear, i just didnt understand it how his result could look different while i followed it step by step. Thank you!
  7. Thanks for your quick reply, I was following this tutorial and for some reason he managed get it How is this possible then? i follow the tutorial step by step but my result is stil different.
  8. Hello people, im not an experienced user of C4D. Today i was trying to create a low poly tree. When i rendered it , it looks like this. The green part is not what i want it to be. I made it from a Platonic and chose as type bucky. Next to it is a Platonic without the type bucky and it behaves normal.. What i want is to create the result down below here. What am i doing wrong?



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