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  1. Let me try that too see what it does. I was able to work on individual parts with Disconnect on edit mode. I knew it’s going to be something quick and simple, but I’m switching back and forth from Autocad to C4D and it’s so puzzling. If I don’t open C4D for 2 days is like I never work in this program. Well, rookie issues of course. I have to refresh it everyday. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hi, I have a bunch of objects that I turned into a single one using Connect Objects + Delete command. After a while now I would like to explode or disconnect them back because I need to do some individual work on some of them. What’s the command to reverse it? Thank you
  3. I just got to it. Thank you.
  4. That’s awesome. Much appreciated...
  5. When I implemented your first Xpresso I didn’t have that seamless loop you told me about. The object was going back to its initial position instead of keeping moving along the spline once the cursor hits the last frame, no matter if it was the 90th or 200F. It wasn’t a continuous loop because I didn’t do it right probably. But your second code is really good, I love it. It does exactly what I need. I experimented a little with it and I took the camera and the cube out and had a pyramid on the circle. I wanted the tip of the pyramid to be on the circle facing the moving direction which it does, with the spline going through the middle of the pyramid. It’s looping seamlessly and I can adjust the speed which is really nice. However, at some point on the circle the pyramid flips having the base facing the direction and back with the tip after that. Now the Up vector null doesn’t fix this problem. It might require some work in the Xpresso code. What do you think? File attached. Pyramid .c4d
  6. Oh, this one is really nice Jed. I can adjust the speed with the control and it’s quite smooth. Thank you so much.
  7. Hi Jed, How do I go on a seamless loop using your xpresso tag? If I set the constant to 100 or 120 I like it goes really slow, but ones the cursor hits the end of the timeline the object goes back to position 0. I would like to have the object keep moving along the spline. I can have that by increasing the frame numbers to let say 1000, but how do I achieve that on a 90F. Thank you.
  8. ok, thank you for your time.
  9. I've already tried 16-bit renders the same picture. Can you attach my file with your settings to see how it renders in my computer? Thank you.
  10. It has to be a simple tweak either in light settings or render- antialiasing, but I just can’t find it myself.
  11. And I need the sky's texture tag left on spherical projection please. It doesn’t show ripples in frontal but I’m not interested with that. Thank you.
  12. For some reason the png screenshot is worse. It shows a rainbow of those ripples. Here it is.
  13. Here is the picture. I’m talking about the blue ripples. Ripples.tif
  14. Hi, I’m trying to get rid of the ripples reflected on the floor by the PBR light. Usually they show up in render. Any ideas? File attached. Thank you. Light Reflection Issue.c4d

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