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  1. Oh, that’s really cool. They look neat. Thank you.
  2. Hi, I’ve been learning c4d for a little more than a month now, but I couldn’t really figure it out how to generate all the screws in this file which was downloaded for free from the internet. It is supposed to offer 7 different types of screws. If you know how it works please let me know. File attached, Thank you. Screw_Generator.c4d
  3. Yes that’s correct. I’m trying to get free stuff :)) and simplify my work, like usual. Oh well, I will work harder then and try it to build it myself.
  4. Thank you I checked those before and they aren’t free.
  5. Hi again, Hope I don’t bother you much. Is there a Studio Light Kit I just can drop in my Object Manager and light my scene? Seriously it’s time consuming and sloppy results me playing with the settings and dropping individually lights and skies and HDRI. It cuts my enthusiasm about modeling when it comes to scene setup, lights, cameras and so forth...Please drop me a link with a decent free light kit that can render fast and make my scene and textures look just good enough. Thank you for your time.
  6. Ohh, that will do the trick actually, with the plane as a child of the camera. Thanks Ion.
  7. I will search what backface culling is and if it helps me in any way. Thank you
  8. Hi, I didn’t know about the 7 key. Indeed it moves only the object selected in Object Manager and freezes everything else around even the Grid. Good to know about that. My question wasn’t asked properly though, silly me. I have an object that contains 20 layers and thousands of polygons . Usually I like to use key 3 and rotate it around look at it from all the angles and so on. Obviously when I rotate everything the modeling environment also rotates with it. Now if I place a Plane behind it and bend it in order to build a scene I would like to freeze that particular plane while I’m rotating my creation :)). Can I do that? Thank you for your time.
  9. Hi, Is it possible in C4D to freeze an object in Model Mode from rotating or moving when I rotate other objects? Lock in layer restricts the user from further manipulating it but it still rotates with the other objects. Thank you for your time.



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