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  1. I have a model that I've added a subdivision surface object on to smooth out the polygons and I want to export it as an OBJ, however when I export the OBJ the subdivisions are missing so the edges aren't rounded. How do I there therefore make the subdivisions part of the model so it can export properly? Thanks in advance
  2. Got it, created particle geometry, a hair object and and a render and there it was. Next problem. How do I get the hair material to inherit the colours of the point cloud?
  3. Turning it to vertex mode just crashed my machine. So frustrating, it should see it with a matrix object and thinking particles but I just get nothing. It must be something in the point cloud I'm missing. The mesh is interesting BTW and renders, it's just not the look I want.
  4. Thanks I've read into that. Not sure if it's a mesh I'm after though as I don't want a total reconstruction, I'm after a kind of bitcrushed look and I already have the points for this, the thing is I can't get them to render out the way they are. I'll try a mesh though, and see if I can get that to render. I can always delete bits I guess.
  5. Not even sure if this is even in the correct forum topic but here goes. OK, I've motion tracked a video and turned it into a point cloud but I can't for the life of me work out how render out the point cloud. What I've tried is a mograph matrix and then selected object and thinking particles and thrown the scene point cloud into the object Which from there I would turn into particle dots, throw on a hair renderer and work it from there. But I get no representation of the point cloud particles on screen. I've messed around with every variation of views ( red dots/green dots ) but I get nothing. I'm absolutely stumped, anyone have any insight into why I'm not seeing the point cloud as particles?
  6. OK, thanks all. I'm thinking of rendering with Octane or Redshift on the GPU ( I forgot to mention this. ) Looking like the RTX then.
  7. Hey all, I'm thinking of moving from Mac to PC for a new C4D and AE build and I'm looking at Nvidia GPU's ( Obviously not supported under OSX ) So my question is really: would an RTX2080ti be suitable for such a system or do I really need to go pro with a Quadro card. I mean, I could get 2 RTX's for the same money? I'll be rendering in house. Nothing too exotic, just VJ loops. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks mate, I managed to do it with a XpPPCollisions dynamic object in the end. Works perfectly ;)
  9. 4 separate emitters within a sphere ( kept within the sphere by collision detection ) firing particles at 4 separate frames. How do I make the particles ( spheres ) bounce off each other within the sphere?
  10. Let's have a look at the Mac facts here: 1. Pro res seems like an also-ran. At present. 2. Lack of Nvidia suport with no hope of it in the future. 3. Lack of AMD support for the industry standard GPU renderers 3. Apple dropping support for Open CL and GL 4. Integration just seems non existent with Apple's proprietary Metal, and where it does exist ( like in Premiere ) it seems to make the programs run slower. 5. Apples walled garden just seems to get higher and higher. 6. Where the hell is this Mac Pro Modular, they've been talking about it for years now? All of this and more just means we're at a point ( as OSX users ) where it won't matter if you spend £15K on a full spec bells and whistles OSX machine, it just won't run the renderers needed for C4D work. Apple Pro machines are no longer pro, they're just expensive toys. Enough already. And I say this as a nearly 3 decades Mac user sitting here with a 6 core I7 2018 MBP with a Razer Core X Vega 64 that is basically a dog when it comes to running C4D. It's time to switch to be honest. My next Mac will be a PC.
  11. Do the standard and physical renderers only work on the CPU, is there a way to get my eGPU involved - or is that just wishful thinking? Thanks in advance
  12. Ahh, of course, I wasn't even thinking of this. Obvious once it's pointed out. Here's a screenshot of the project, the trails should be following the surface but obviously the slow rotation of the sphere is throwing everything out and, as you say, the particles are just being traced from where they've been Maybe I need to find another way to do this.
  13. OK. I have a problem I can't work out. I have a sphere which I'm emitting X particles from and using an XPfollow surface and Xp trails so that particle lines flow around the surface of the sphere, all good, it works no problem. My problem comes from using a displacer on the sphere with a custom shader map ( made from a JsPlacement .png ) and then raising the height to get a futuristic looking sphere surface. My particles look like they're following the surface, but as soon as I rotate the sphere the particles stay on their original path so it looks to me like they're following the original sphere geometry and not the displaced surface geometry of the sphere. How then do I make the particles follow along the displaced surface and not the underlying sphere as it rotates? Thanks in advance.
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