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  1. Bill Borez

    Grass in wind

    Yes I've already go the gravity turned down, I'll look into fixed points with this thanks.
  2. Bill Borez

    Grass in wind

    I have a quixel megascans 3D grass model to which I've added a cloth dynamic, it's working with wind and gravity but I want to just make the grass have a fixed base and sway slowly in the wind. I can get it to move with the wind but at present it's just eventually blowing away over time. Anyone have an ideas how I can do this or is maybe the cloth dynamic is not the thing to use here and there's a better solution?
  3. Hey all. I'm using Octane scatter and a random effector to scatter model buildings over a plane. However some of the building are going outside of the plane boundary so is there an easy way to restrict the building from doing this so they stay within the plane but still going right up to the edges?
  4. Octane X ( for mac ) is supposed to be released soon. Seemingly.
  5. Again I'll reply to my own topic for anyone who wants to do this as I've worked it out. Just add an animated (C4D) noise shader into the power input of the image texture driving the blackbody emission and you're good to go.
  6. Is there a way ( or node I can add ) that can animate a blackboody emission in Octane so it flashes?
  7. Sussed this out for anyone who wants to know. You just check alpha channel in Octane render
  8. Hi guys I'm new to Octane and I've been messing around with HDRI's and getting some great results. One thing I'm wondering though is if I light say, a rotating sphere with a HDRI and an octane glossy material is it possible to remove the HDRI from the scene leaving the sphere lit so I can export the sphere with an alpha background? Normally I'd use a C4D compositing tag and uncheck "seen by camera" for this but it doesn't seem to work in Octane Completely stumped here.
  9. OK, just a quickie really. If I have a spinning object ( say a ball ) and I use the cloner to create multiple instances, is there a way of getting the spinning objects to spin at different rates within the cloner? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have a model that I've added a subdivision surface object on to smooth out the polygons and I want to export it as an OBJ, however when I export the OBJ the subdivisions are missing so the edges aren't rounded. How do I there therefore make the subdivisions part of the model so it can export properly? Thanks in advance
  11. Got it, created particle geometry, a hair object and and a render and there it was. Next problem. How do I get the hair material to inherit the colours of the point cloud?
  12. Turning it to vertex mode just crashed my machine. So frustrating, it should see it with a matrix object and thinking particles but I just get nothing. It must be something in the point cloud I'm missing. The mesh is interesting BTW and renders, it's just not the look I want.
  13. Thanks I've read into that. Not sure if it's a mesh I'm after though as I don't want a total reconstruction, I'm after a kind of bitcrushed look and I already have the points for this, the thing is I can't get them to render out the way they are. I'll try a mesh though, and see if I can get that to render. I can always delete bits I guess.
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