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  1. Hi! Thank You for Your answer. You definetely have pointed for the reason why this extrusion is behaving like this. I still don't know where all the points got from. I did again the same procedure and now it suddenly is ok. I wish I knew what is causing this but I am very gratefull for Your answer. Thank You! Piotr
  2. Hi, In my misearble attempts to learn c4d I came again across a problem that I could not find a solution online so far. Maybe someone can help me out. I am following an old tutorial that was done in R16 but that should propably not matter because the tools used here are very basic. So I recreating the tutors work by making an editable spline to create a frame for an arch window. 1. spline editable. 2. Make outline 3. extrude The original file shows the extrusion only on the frame but when I extrude it covers the whole object. I have attached the scenes with two models. One is a copy paste from the tutorial files and the other is my attempt to recreate it. I am using R21 on 10.13.6 osx Where do I make a mistake? Thank You very much in advance Piotr ExtrudeProblem.zip
  3. I bought a R20 Studio license back in march 2019. Since then MAXON went with the subscription model and that is totally normal since most companies are doing that this way. When the new system was introduced we were all told not to worry as the current perpetual owners will not be left out. The months passed so I am ready to upgrade to R21 and went on the site to follow a clear procedure step by step how to get the discounted subscription. To my surprise I could not find anything as such. Maybe it is somewhere in the forums or FAQs but it must be buried deep. I remember when Avid's ProTools changed to a subscription model. I was directly informed by email on how to procede. There was also no need to surrender my old license. I had PT for the next two years on a very generous discount. I never thought that I will list list Avid company as a role model, but here it is. :). I can not even find an information on the amount of the discount. Another thing: since I bought a perpetual Studio R20 in March 2019, shouldn’t I be eligible for an upgrade to R21 anyways? Piotr
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