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  1. Yes thanks I know, but couldn't be done with dynamics right? I used a Plain to control the animation. Found some usefull content with the tip of Hrvoje
  2. Thank you so much bezo. Is there a way to keyframe the explosion backwards? So the pieces will come together.
  3. Hi there, I want to create a character wich explodes so I extruded a vector from the font character and applied 'Voronoi Fracture'. But when it falls down the pieces aren't actually 3D. It's a stucture of flat pieces wich create the 3D character but the character is hollow. I clicked on 'optimize and close holes' in the object tab. But because it concerns the letter 'r', this option also closes the gap in the character and it gliches when I start the animation. I also tried to make the 'R' editable after extruding. This change came with almost the same effect and the pieces were still 2D. Is anyone able to help me to make the pieces 3D?
  4. Thanks Jed, Saves a lot of time! I will customize it for a titledesign. I'm now challenging myself to make the red cogwheel the same size as the blue one with my 1 month experience and 7h of udemy lectures. I managed to get the spline and chain longer but the red cogwheel moves too slow. Where can I find the rotation controls of the red cogwheel to line up with the speed of the moving chain?
  5. Hi There! I'm trying to make an animated sprocke and chain (image 1). I made a rounded rectangle to use it as a perfect spline. But I'm stuck with 2 problems: Chainpart rotates when 'Tangential' is checked. I can't change the rotation as it is connected to the spline (image 2,3 and 4). Keyframes are linear but movement goes slower in the curve of the spline. So on the flat lines, the chainpart goes faster (image 5 and 6). I can see a bezier line in grey but I can't find how to change it.



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