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  1. @jed Wow this helps me out a lot! Thanks A lot!, I will try this on my project, thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, so trying out a lot Cinema 4D these days, now I am working on a personal project with creating an construction area where I want to moddel and animate an aerial platform with a Scissor construction, now I am in the try out fase for animating the scissor movement, and pushing up the next part etc. etc. and pushing the platform up at the right position based on the scissor movement. I've got 3 solutions, but don't know what will be the best/ controllable and accurate way. Option 01: Xpresso, Link the Rotation of the outer arm to the inner arm and link to the position of the second arm and add some Math: to the node editor to get the right numbers. + Making a UserData Controller on a seperate null object to controll these easily. (tried, kinda worked. But far from perfect) Option 02: Riggin like a character ( but quite unknown with rigging, but will be a good excercise, but probably the best solution) ¿Can I rig it with the Cloner or is it better to rig it with duplicates? Option 03: Maybe with a MoGraph Effectors? Tried out some effectors but did not get the right result, probably doing it wrong. Anyone any advice? Tips etc. Attached: Option 01 tested, Can found the controller in the User Data Null layer in the object menu, it's also animated. (it's just a fast moddel, not made for the end product, just trying out the scissor movement.) Aerial Platform_Xpresso test.c4d
  3. Wow thanks! This will help me out a lot! I will explore more with post-production and will update the topic when I find the solution for it! Thanks again
  4. @Lonchaney Thanks for your response, well, I don't have any yet, so maybe for later... I think the problem is with recognizing where the world axis is after I set the camera to Parallel, now when I set a layer to a 3D environment in AE it will look like this (see attachement).... Sorry still a newbie, had to post this in 'new users & beginners'
  5. @Lonchaney Yes I did, but it was still out of screen and orientation
  6. Update: Tried to save te file and import to AE, hoping to extract the camera and use it in AE, but it didn't worked out that well, after extracting the camera and placing a new layer in AE in a 3d envorinment, it just was out of world axis and unmatchable with the scene. I tried 2 versions of the camera from Cinema 4D: - Preset Isometric Camera - Parallel Camera with isometric camera settings: P: 136 H:-37 Maybe the world Axis are not good? Have not found the solution yet... If someone had any ideas or tricks... don't hesitate. Kind regards, Danny
  7. Thanks CBR, Yeah, I think that's the right workflow aswell, I will put a few tests on it! Thanks
  8. Can anyone please tell me how to implement these 2D graphics in this 3D isometric animation? They look like they are animated in After Effects, but they are implemented very well and precise measured... Is this a post- production feature or is it clever done in Cinema 4D. Once I was working on a project with 2D characters in a 3D environment which I projected on a transparent plane, but that isn't ideal because there were some limitations, though these vfx doesn't need any shadows/ environment lightning etc. Thanks!

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